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Good deal?

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Two pairs of skis, and a pair of boots? Um...
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They're ok if you want to look like a banana. YIKES!

They're probably stolen. What racer wouldn't put any technical information in there? Model? Model of the boots? Model or picture of the second pair of skis (unless they are the same.......do I only see one pair of skis??)

Leave that one alone.

PS. hahahah I forgot this is in the HUMOR section!
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" i also have a lot of race girl to go along with it "

I hope there's enough race girl to go around!
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Rip off. That gear is 5+ years old. 9X and 9S Tpowers. We got my wife those SL skiis for Less then $100 brand new, still in the wrapper. Have seen those boots going for less then $100 brand new. If it is all in mint condition $400 would be OK, not a great deal.
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That stuff is a lot older than a year, 5-6 years old.
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Two points to Bonni and BigE.

Tief - even without the "girl to go with it" line this would be in the humor section for the price and "year old" claim!
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