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Strolz Owners - Your Thoughts?

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For a lot of reasons (ie wide, large, flat feet, over-pronation...), I am leaning towards getting Strolz boots when I get back to Lech next Feb. Their custom-fitting service sounds like a dream, compared to what I normally go through with new boots.

My questions to those who have actually bought boots from Strolz in Lech...

1) What is good and bad about your Strolz boots?

2) What was good and bad about the actual fitting service?

3) How many times did you have to go back to get the boots right?

4) What is overall impression? In short, how satisfied are you with your decision to purchase Strolz?
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I've had my Strolz boots for a couple of seasons now, and I'm very happy. As to your questions:

1) Good things: Fit (obviously), Buckle system - they are "preset" so the boot will be equally tight each time. Parts such as buckles and outer soles are replaceable. Bad things: The strap is mounted too low on the boot shaft - makes the flex a bit wrong for me, but I fixed it with a booster strap.

2) The fitting service was fine. It takes about 45 minutes. The only bad thing about it is the foaming process which will squeeze your feet quite a bit, but it's really not that bad.

3) I guess I got lucky, because I never had to go back for adjustments :-)

4) Again, I'm very happy with my boots.

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Just to let you Know Strolz Boots isn't your only option out there. Take a look at DaleBoot USA. Dale is the only custom boot maker in North America. Look up DalebootUSA.com on the net. I also have heard that there are a few Strolz boot outlets here in The US. I would look for retailers at the really high end ski resorts Like Vail, Aspen , Deer Valley. I'm not sure if those retailers do a custom boot or if Strolz also offers a line of off the shelf boots.
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I have been very happy with my Strolz boots, the ONLY boots I have ever been closely comfotable in.

I have wide feet, triple E and wide foot box. I have gone through tons of ski boots that are supposedly wide (like Nordica high volume...). I have boots that feel OK in the shop, only to cause my feet to be in agony on the slopes (for the first few hours, untill my feet go to sleep, which is goood, but then my skiing suffers a bit). I have had boots that almost fit Stretched, 20 times, they just rebound back to the original shape.

I would have thought some large boot manufacturers would deal with wide feet, like the only running shoe I can buy, New Balance. But they don't.

So, after decades of suffering I finally said Damn the Cost! and got Strolz boots (At Strands Ski Shop, Wocester, MA, strands looks a bit rough, but they are friendly and did an EXCELLENT job with me, the results were nirvana, I have not been in a better boot).

They were not cheap, the fitting of the footbeds, foam fitting, and stretching of the upper boot to fit my big calfs took 2.5 hours, but they were well worth it!

I am very happy, I have had the boots three years, and would never consider buying another brand at this point because these are by far the BEST boots I have found for my wide feet.

The Moral of this story is: Don't waste decades like me, get teh boot done right, and I have found that no one does it better for wide feet than Strolz.

(never tried Dale, but I felt better getting semi-local service)

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Originally Posted by LarryNH914 View Post
They were not cheap, the fitting of the footbeds, foam fitting, and stretching of the upper boot to fit my big calfs took 2.5 hours, but they were well worth it!
Can you give us an idea of how much$$?
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$850 three years ago (for the Red, stiff, I think the black, less stiff, was a bit cheaper)

I think ~$950 now.

Was worth every penny to me. But I will have to keep them a few more years to get my money's worth.

But the shell does have something crazy like a 25 year Warrentee :

Even a person as cheap as I am won't keep them 25 years.

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I own two pair both of them bought and fitted in Lech. I have an average size, 10.5 D, foot that should fit many boots without too much modification, but I always suffered with cold feet or pressure points that would only appear on the hill after an hour or two of skiing. I had talked a variety of friends who had major fitting problems with boots into Strolz, but hadn't bought them for myself. Strange behavior when I look back upon it.

I always had to unbuckle my boots on every ride up the lift and always took them off when I went inside to eat or rest. Feet were always cold or numb. No longer the case with the Strolz. I can buckle them up in the morning and totally forget about them all day. They are as comfortable as my Birkenstocks. I do some ski mountaineering and when I know I won't have to cross any rock I use my Strolz, the red model, to tour. The first time I ever used them, I was on a ski tour that involved nearly 4 hours of climbing and I didn't have a single sore spot.

I think they are cheaper in Lech than $950. I would recommend that you get the guy who is pictured in their website to fit you. He doesn't speak much English, but he is their best fitter. He won't have a tendency to oversize the boots. For reference I'm take a shell that measure 309 mm. If one goes by the measure of the sizing device, it tends to recommend the next size larger which would have been a 319 shell and that was too large. Since the fit is so exact you can afford to have the fore aft tolerance very close.

The fit was perfect for me; however, I did modify my alignment by changing the angle of the boot shaft. Ended up with perfect alignment something I've always had a problem obtaining with other boots.

For reference I've also owned a pair of Dale boots and they weren't in the small league as the Strolz.

Downside is getting the suckers on your feet. If the shell is cold it is nearly impossible for me because I have a couple of big toes that are stiff in the joint from dislocations. I usually warm them up either with the car heater on the way to the mountain.

In Austria they said the warranty was for 200 days of skiing which would be nearly 20-25 years if you don't ski much.

You'll shouldn't have any regrets with them.
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