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Happy Birthday klkaye

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Happy Birthday Kiersten!!
Katy, Mawenzi & Tsavo
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You go, girl! Have a great day!
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday Kiersten!!
Glad to see you got Mom's ok after the long, lone drive.

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Happy birthday Kiersten, being where you are..now...uh....have a shot of shine !
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Many happy returns-enjoy your summer!!!
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Piece o' cake!
Happy day.
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Sorry I missed this earlier... happy b-day, klk!
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Hey thanks guys!!

UL ... no kidding I am out in the middle of nowhere! I dunno how long I will be able to last out here before I have to make a run for it!!
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What's the matter- it's your birthday and you aren't skiing?

Happy birthday anyway, and get back here and make some turns (or should I say many happy reTURNS?)
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