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Bootfitter at Mammoth?

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I bought a pair of Nordica Next boots. Shell fitting leaves 3/4" gap but with the liner in, they are too short. That is, they press down and in on my big toe (sort of a 45 degree angle, if that makes sense). It may be that the heels are a bit wide, too, but I can't tell at this point.

I'm just a beginner so don't need the full monty boot-fitting - nor can I afford it. I will be going to Mammoth in a couple of weeks - is there anyone there you would recommend?

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Where did you buy the boots? They might be equipped to make an adjustment like punching out just the toe on the shell, or modifying the liner. Jim Fowler (sierrajim) at Sierra Ski and Snowboard worked with me on mine. You will find it less expensive to work with the shop that sold the boots, if they have the skill. There are some bootfitters in Mammoth, but I can't think of a name off-hand; and they will likely charge you bootfitting fees, where you might be able to have this adjustment done by your retailer free.

Congratualtions for getting a tight fit, then working throught he issues. In the long run you will be much better off.
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Check out Footloose Sports.
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I second Footloose, this is their website http://footloosesports.com/
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