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Hi everyone just hoping to get a few opinions.
My details

Age - 24
Height - 5' 9"
Weight - 74 Kg / 163 pounds
Fitness - very fit
Skiing level - 9/10
Ski days per year - 150+
Current gear - Stockli 166 race stock laser SL, 159 Public enemys, volkl 724 exp 170s, K2 169 cabrawlers. Boots are Tecnica Icon alu comps. currently trying to sell my 724 exps... and am picking up a set of stockli GS skis when i can afford them.
As for what I like I'm one of those people trying to master the entire mountain(racing, moguls, park, backcountry etc), I love pretty much all types of snow (yes even breakable crust in small doses) and am even planning on starting snowboarding soon (god forgive me).

At the moment I'm looking for a big mountain ski (not for a touring set up and not for groomers), and possibly some new boots.

I managed to borrow last season a set of seth vicious 189s which I really liked(were the best of any ski I've ever tried when it comes to chopped) unfortunatly I cant seem to find any for sale really cheap ><. I live in Tasmania Australia so unfortunatly theres not much locally for sale down here and while I'm in New zealand for our southern hemisphere winter the shop prices for skis are very high (so I really need to buy gear though the net or wait till northern hem winter again when)... Anyway I was thinking of getting the 186 line prophet 100s, I really hate to get a ski that i haven't demoed but it just seems like its going to go that way... what do people think? basically I want a ski where i can skill get in amongst the pow if i want but can surf away if i want to open up the throttle a bit, I'd also plan on doing a fair few 40-50 foot hucks here and there, any sugestions would be great.

As for new boots the tecnica shape fit my foot very well but my boots have seen a fair few days now, I was thinking of getting 2 pairs of boots even maybe some race boots for playing on the gates and something softer for the park, I currently find my tecnicas pretty good all round but can get some very sore shins if i play the park (especially if i overshoot the down ramps) or with big drops, and I'm a bit worried that if i use a dedicated race boot ( or even very stiff performance boot) I might hurt myself... any ideas in that department would be great too.

thanks all