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Q Timberline/Cannan WV

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I would like opinions on these two resorts. I have not skied either of them but I am considering them strongly.
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Three: Whitegrass
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Originally Posted by comprex
Three: Whitegrass
Whitegrass has them thar manual lifts.
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'cept you can also take CV's ones and cruise on over the pipeline. You'd really like the trees in there. And you really need to talk to Denis over on DCski about the National Nordic Reserve
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I think you'd like them, especially Timberline as it has some good, long fairly challenging runs. CV is much tamer overall, but is a great place to visit for skiers of varying ability. Between the 2 they make a pretty nice weekend trip and typically don't get the crowds the other Mid-Atlantic resorts do.
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Hello there Pierre, you got a very comprex answer to your question. Seems the good folks at dcski are on unseason hiatus lately but you'll find lots of info there http://www.dcski.com/articles/view_a...mode=headlines . I skied Timberline quite a bit the last two seasons. Nice vertical, decent snowmaking, a bit too much grooming for my taste but it's pretty much ski where there's snow, nothings off limits. Canaan is more of a cruisers mountain haven't been there for a couple years but it's a blast when the snow is good. I'm not skiing uphill yet but Whitegrass has some of the best uphill/downhill in the east. These places are more like ski areas than resorts. Not sure what else you want to know. Spend three or four days down there, you'll go back.
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Thanks guys. The reason I am considering them is that I will likely have a plane next season that will get me there in 45 minutes. There is a fly-in subdivision with a 3000' paved runway like the one I live in, a couple of miles from Timberline. It would be an easy commute for some skiing.
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CV is a mellower mountain that is fun, but much less challenging than Timberline. Timberline has good trees and some more interesting ungroomed steeper stuff, but it has SLOW lifts, for better or worse. All things aside, I highly recommend Timberline for that area.
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Timberline is great, 2nd best hill south of New York IMO. Pretty good fall line skiing.

I was just there the 3rd of March and had fun on the best grooming I encounter this year. Looking back on it now after spending the last month in Sandy Skiing at Snowbird. Big Emma(a green) would be black run at Timberline for sure and in fact has to be steeper than anything there. Still for the Mid alantic hard press to find better skiing.

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How long of a lift ride to the top of Timberline? Is it under 15 minutes?
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slow lifts

Not much, hard to get more than four runs per hour.

Hey Bushwack, things are going well at Snowbird for ya? You're right I thought the same thing about Big Emma, definitely be a black at Hidden Valley .
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