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Is it a wise idea, since I will be in VT this fall, to buy the boots I want when the selection is good, and have a preliminary fit done, where them around the house until december, and go back for the adjustments after skiing for a day or two. Sidenote- I will be shopping at the Inner Bootworks in Stowe.
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Got my Intuitions in the correct size 2 weeks ago: Well, I have a whole summer to work them into a great fit. They're nice!...not thick & overly soft but warm! If you have minor, but uncomfortable, fit issues....going for another liner can often be an answer.
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Not a very good idea to buy the boots you want then wear them around the house. Go to the shop you are going to and let the bootfitter guide you into the boot that is the most appropriate for you. Then ski in them. Wearing them around the house will does nothing for the boots.
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Go to the ski shop and let the bootfitter do all the work for you. Boots are more or less the same ( I know I'll get crap for this), and the best thing you can do is make sure they fit right. And the best way to make sure they fit right is to let a professional fit you. A good boot fitter will get the job done right the first time, and you will find good boot fitters at local ski shops, not big chain stores. Go into the shop with an open mind, be totally honest, and you will come out happy because there is a boot out there for everybody.
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He's purchasing boots and getting fitted at a shop with one of the best bootfitters in the country. I think he'll be fine.
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SkiStar, you have a good plan. I would skip wearing them around the house all fall though not necessary IMO, a couple days of skiing before you go back in will do the trick to locate any hotspots or issues. Try to have as much of the work done on your early fall visit so the second visit is easy. It is always good to call ahead for early fall shop visits as some of the vendors can be slow in delivering and sometimes the good shop guys are still working at their summer jobs.
Have fun.
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If you can find a good fitting boot now that is on sale, why wait until the fall? My feet really don't know that I'm in last seasons boots or even a boot thats a few years old. I am positive my skiing doesn't suffer because my boot is not this years boot.
Pillazo your right every Boot company makes low end, mid level, top end and race boots. Within their own category almost all boots are the same. I could care less what Brand boot I was skiing as long as it fit .... and I liked the color
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