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Stockli: AT vs. Scott Schimdt vs. Cross Pro

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Hi, I'm a 6' 3 220 pound agressive ex racer who is looking for one ski to take to college. I'm going to university of Rochester so I'll be skiing mostly groomers and maybe an occasional trip to vermont for a little bit of off piste. I'm looking for a ski that can rip the groomers with excellent stability. I'm thinking maybe the AT in 184 or the Cross Pro in 180. My question is, can the AT hold like a race ski and give me the stability I need. I usually ski a 170 xrc. sw (I also own 176 s10's and 184 M777's) and although I like them, its not really what I want. I'm looking for a longer ski that can handle high speeds and an occasional trip into softer stuff. Any thoughts?
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For the price, you might want to take a look at these.
I am a fat ski guy these days, but still take out the SX11's now and then. They really cook on the groomed stuff and blast through groomer slop very well.
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MTT, the sx:11 is definately a beast and great on the groomers, but for some reason I don't particularly like the feel of them. However, you're right, that's a great deal. If anyone has some information or has skied 1 or more of these skis I would really appreciate a comparison. Thanks
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We've got a bit in common. I am 6' 2" 215lbs. and went to the U of R myself! I have been in Jackson, WY for a season and skied the Stockli Stormrider AT, XL, and Schmidt.

Being a big guy who skies and carves agressively, like yourself, the AT was too flexible and damp, right from the start. So trust me, you can nix that one right now. I ended up ordering an XL in the 184 and a Schmidt in a 188 this year, and basically skied my way into the Schmidt, using the XL as my starting ski. I was lucky enough to spend the season working in a place where I could demo Atomics, Stocklis, Salomons, and Kneissls to my heart's content, and I came to conclusion that the XL was the best all-around feeling ski I'd ever put on my foot for hard snow and a bit of off piste. For absolutely pushing a pair of skis as hard as you can, the Schmidt held better on hard pack and performed the best of the three off-piste (89mm under foot, compared to the XL's 75mm). It's truly a beast of a ski that has no equal in my opinion, except for possibly the Dynastar Legend Pro. But for eastern skiing, you may be better off with the XL.

One thing you have to be careful about with Stockli is their sidewalls. For whatever reason, the polymer that they are using seems to be a lot more brittle that what's in other skis. If you look at this thread where I detail both the XL and the Schmidt, you'll see what happens when you hit a rock with a Stockli Schmidt when straightlining at mach speed. Granted, through the course of skiing skis hard, you're going to do some damage. But it's just something to keep in mind.

What surprised me so much about the Schmidt, though, is how well it carved on hard snow, and I now see it as my western all-mountain ski, rather than the purely off-piste, powder ski I thought it would be. As a heavier, more aggresive skier, you'll have the same experience. The Schmidt is still going to make you work, if not kick your ass outright, until you condition your way into it. But if you ski big lines and like to go at mach speed, you'll reap the advantages. The XL might just be the more appropriate ski for the East, though.

Good luck,

If you're interested in the XL, PM me. I am looking to sell a pair of 184 XLs right now.
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Ditto everything Trip said (although I'm not sure about the sidewalls issue, but I did see his pics of the blowout : ).

Anyhow, I don't think you can go wrong with the XL, but you also might want to check out the new Cross (they're changing for next season) although they won't work nearly as well for the backside stuff.
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Unfortunately Noodler, I worked in a shop this year and 4 of us ordered Stocklis from the local rep. I got my XL and Schmidt, 2 guys each got a pair of 193 DP Pros, and a girl got an XL in a 174. One guy's DP sidewall fractured in two places from what he said was a pretty minimal dead-on rock hit, and I couldn't even see any base or edge compression/damage on the ski. I skied with him enough to know that he was pretty ginger on those things; he didn't push them that hard at all (not that it makes a ton of difference, I know) I feel bad for him doubly, because he bent his other ski about 12 inches back from the tip, another oddity of high occurence with the DPs, too. That's been attributed to the titanium top-sheet. The girl's 174 XLs did explode a piece of the sidewall off the ski when she hit what she thought was a tree stump, skiing down the Hobacks at Jackson Hole. Only one buddy out of the four of us made it without any significant damage this season.....and not that 3 out of 5 pairs is any indication of the types of odds your playing when you buy a Stockli, because most skiers will never even ski themselves into the situation to create damage like this.

But the local reps and retail guys do acknowledge that there's been a sidewall issue for the last couple seasons. Obviously, if you compact a ski hard enough on anything, it's going to give way regardless of the brand, but it's just seems to be happening with Stocklis a lot more. Reps here have been trying to communicate this to Europe, but from what they tell me the Swiss just aren't listening. The Stockli US head rep told me I could exchange my Schmidts, no questions asked, within 2 years of the purchase date, for a brand new pair for $399. I probably won't, though, in favor of just buying a $50 edge/sidewall repair job and acknowledging the fact that I could more than likely blow another piece off by the time I am done skiing them.

I agree with staying away from a purely on-groomer carver such as the Cross if you want some more versatility off-piste. A good skier can make anything work, but it's always preferential to have the do-it-all ski when you're not sure. In this case it's probably the XL.

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Trip: Man that edge compression picture is just painfull to look at. However, I don't think I'll be beating the edges too much in the backcountry (unfortunately). I'm really surprised to hear about the problems you and your friends are having with stockli edges. From what I've heard and seen I thought they had some of the best construction around. If I can get the money together soon, I might be shooting you a pm about the XL's.

I haven't heard much about this year's cross pro as an all mountain eastern expert ski. Does anyone around here ski it? Would the right length for me be 180 or 172?
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Trips description of the XL and SS Pro are spot on. I've skied this years Cross Pro, it is a blast to rip GS turns on hard eastern snow...but so is your Head XRC SW. I think you'd be moving laterally going from the XRC to the Cross Pro. Head makes as good a laminate ski as anyone and in fact I'd consider the iM82 as a good option. Next years Cross Pros are wider and could be the exact ski you seem to be looking for.
At your height and weight get the 180cm Cross if you go that route.
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Whiteroom, yeah I'm leaning a little more toward the XL's in 184 as my ski. The head 82's are interesting though, I had thought a little about the 77 but people here seemt to really like the 82's. I would go for the next year's cross pro but I don't know if I have that kind of cash, we'll have to see what kind of summer job I can get. Thanks for the advice.
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The Im82's are an awesome ski and a heck of a lot more versatile that their waist would lead you to believe.
On the same day, I've ripped groomers on Park City Mtn and also blasted over and thru 8-10 inches of fresh on Blue Slip and McConkey's bowls.
Love 'em. The laminate construction and liquid metal really seem to make a difference. They seem to ski lighter and livelier than previous Head skis.
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Hi again Elv,

By all means, if at some point during the near future/summer you get the funds, shoot me a PM about the XLs. You may have seen my ad for them in the ski swap forum. And those prices will still stand all summer. Or at least until I put them up on eBay (which won't be until late summer probably). The skis/bindings are in near-mint shape.

You also may be interested to know that this coming season's XLs are exactly the same (even same topsheet) as the '05'-'06 pair that I have. I got to look at the '06-'07 catalogues and orders of Stockli, Salomon, Atomic and Kneissl for the shop I was working at, so that's how I came to know that fact, just in case you're wondering.

Let me know if you need any more first-hand info on the XL or Schmidt and I'd be happy to provide it the best I can.

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