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Snowbird for Memorial Day weekend!
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I get one more week at A-Basin the fourth week of May, 21-27. Didn't make it out at all in April.

If anyone is out there look me up. The 25th or 26th should be my 100th day of the season. I'm buying the beer.
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Still skiing in my backyard (3rd Creek, Incline Village), skinned up ~1600 feet this AM for a great run back to the road. Alpine wasn't half bad on Sunday. Squaw is open until Memorial day and we should be skiing the Sierra/Shasta through July (at least).

Kirkwood had to close Sunday, they "only" are reporting a 225-350" base
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I will be hitting up A-Basin on Friday May 25th and possibly Memorial day on May 29th. I have to fly into Denver from Birmingham and the bust it over to "hours from any sizeable airport" Hays Kansas for a wedding on the 26th. It is plenty of driving even after flying in but had to do it to get in a few more days and visit friends.

As of today A-Basin was 100% open with a 73 inch base and some chances for snow above 10,000 feet in the next 10 days.

Anyone out there want to gues how much terrain they will have open that late in May?

Any perspectives would be appreciated.
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Sunshine--Today--Fresh Powder

17 cm overnight, 20 in the last two days. For one brief glorious 6 hour stretch it was midwinter again! Even the skiout was open....if you were renting or borrowing someone else's skis.

And only about 300 people on the entire hill!!!!

Sunshine will close the May long weekend.
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Did AT on May day - great hike, gorgeous weather but some of the worst snow I had this season.
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Man I cannot even remember what snow looks or feels like, let alone ski in May. On a positive note, I competed in the first mountain bike race of the season on April 30. The weather was simply fantastic with lots of sunshine and temps around 70 F. Life is still good.
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Well, today is May 3 and I managed to make some turns.

I hiked up from Teton Pass early this morning. Temp was actually 22 F at the top this morning, so things have cooled down a little. The destination was another shot on the Great White Hump, which is about a mile north of the top of Glory, elevation about 10,020. The Hump is the rounded summit in the middle of this photo. I skied one run down the right side (the bright white snowfield in the sun), skinned back up, and then skied off the back left down to the highway.

This is a shot of my skis next to the final little pitch on the Hump. Because that snowfield faces due east, the snow surface softens shortly after the sun hits it in the spring.

See how nice that snow looks?

It was very, very good skiing.

Also, check out my pole straps. It was very windy.

The plan is for Teton Park on Friday, weather permitting.
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of course I'm still skiing!

4 days ago at Loveland (yes, that's snow, not rain):
I'll be at A-Basin tomorrow and Sunday, with no plans to end the season any time soon. There's always the backcountry! Bob, your pictures are incredible- and always an inspiration. I'm on track for TAY #2. We're planning on Mt Adams in July.
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You can ski at Alpental next weekend, i did last sat ,it was soft but still nice coverage
That sure looks inviting ,Bob. Enjoy
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Lots of Snow for this time of year Bob P. Skiing has been extraordinary at our hill. A little slush on top of a smoooth hard base. That 10-20 mph wind keeps it just right. Have fun,be careful sir.
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Just got back from A Basin...snowed on and off all day. Prolly hit it again manana. Made a breakthrough today...3 times in a row skied the Pali runs top to bottom without stopping! Then they closed the lifts because of lightning.
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I'll be hiking Snowbowl tomorrow. The weather has been pretty cold up there, it hasn't hit 40 since Monday, expected low tonight of 23. It's supposed to be sunny tommorow, so the crust will be forming, and if I time it right it should be pure corn.
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Skied the bird today, my 30th day in a row(29 at snowbird and one at alta) and 115 for the season... plan to get at least 130 in this year.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA
Skied the bird today, my 30th day in a row(29 at snowbird and one at alta) and 115 for the season... plan to get at least 130 in this year.
Hmmm....isn't that a long commute from Glassport?
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Originally Posted by volantaddict
Hmmm....isn't that a long commute from Glassport?
yeah it takes about 22 hours one way each day, its a miracle I can ski so much in Utah this time of year.

well actualy I have been in Sandy,UT for the last month. Loving every minute of it and improving daily, life as a Utard isnt so bad.
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Still Skiing squaw HERE

maybe in the next week or so I may go to mammoth

Life is good in CA
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Originally Posted by dp
4 days ago at Loveland (yes, that's snow, not rain):
Looks like Sunday afternoon, about 2 pm, on Keno, right? Many of the tracks in those trees on skier's right were mine. My family and I bailed about 2:30 because the heavy wet snow that was falling had reduced visibility to about 20 feet, plus we were getting soaked. Had a great day up to that point, though.
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DOH!! I stayed up all night, and didn't feel up to hiking today. Tomorrow for sure though.
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JRBD- yes you are right! What was really difficult, I found, was that the snow was actually sticking to my goggle lens, and I had to keep stopping to wipe them off to see where I was going. But I was amazed at my new Arcteryx softshell- it stayed dry and shed all of that wet snow.

Here's a picture from today at A-Basin- terrific spring conditions with great snow on the upper mountain. It snowed on and off in the afternoon.

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This morning at Deer Valley:

See more in http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...046#post494046
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Snowbowl yesterday:

See the full TR here: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...466#post494466
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Closing day yesterday at Loveland. Most likely the last day of the season. Mtn Biking from now on
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Saturday skiing

I just got back from skiing in Chamonix and Verbier on Friday. Saturday I was at A-Basin and I was thoroughly surprised at the great conditions. It snowed during the day and the snow stayed rather firm. I love skiing in the spring you always see someone you know on the slopes. We started with 4 in the morning and by the end of the day we had added about 8 more people to our skiing posse.

Enjoy the snow
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I'll be going up to Stowe this Saturday for some east post-season skiing. Should be fun. And A-Basin on May 19th.
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Snowbowl has received about three inches of new snow in the past couple of days, and the temps have been staying right around freezing. I'll be hiking it again later this week.
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A basin just got 3 inches...may have to hit it tomorrow.
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I just returned from 3 days at Mammoth.Sunny,warm with perfect corn.Had such a great time that I'm going to try for one more trip.They still have a 14 ft. base.If you can get up there.
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Alpental called it quits Sunday then it goes and snows Monday......doesn't it figure. Chinook Pass is scheduled to open on May 26 if they don't get too much more snow in the next couple weeks.
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MrHayak , cool. I skiied there so many time as a kid . It had discount coupons you could buy and go for ten bucks. I loved the place as a teenager who had to ski but hated to work much. Who operates it now? I went there last when a sports club bought it and ran it into the ground. I broke my wrist skiing there on ice , skiing fast and hit a ice block kicked up by a moron running a snowcat right up the middle of the run. I hit one and as iwas recovering i hit another and still remember the colors splashing into my brain everytime i hit as i rolled down the hill .I have never fallen so hard. Didn't knock me out but it seemed close.
I skiied Alpental a couple weekends ago and it was alot of fun. This leaves Whistler and MT Hood as last resorts in the PNW
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