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k2 skis

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Has anyone skied the new K2 Xp and the Axis X Pro? What is the difference in the two skies besides it's width? Also any comparisons between the new K2 XR and the Axis X Pro. Thanks in advance.
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I skied the XP's at the preshow last winter. I was really surprised by how easy I was able to engage the edge and turn them. They were fun and steady on all coditions including hard pack. I was considering buying them for this season, but I was concerned about teaching on such a wide waist, I felt the ski might start to feel heavy a low end skiing, such as wedges and entry christies.
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Jim - If you want the surprise of your life, click into a pair of real powder boards (ie, above 90 mm waist), and for a couple of hours, play around with a bunch of low speed L1->L4 moves on easy terrain. I think you will be astonished by how well they work for this.

I did this once, and for the next couple of weeks, having gotten "religion", I was going around trying to convince anyone that I could find that beginners should all be put on 95 mm wide, 140 cm long, special beginner's skis.

Even if they are only being edged 5 degrees by a beginner, the outside edges wind up being about a mile off the snow because of the width of the ski. Thus, the effects of edging are much more easily visualized on wide skis, and such skis don't get caught at all by terrain irregularities.

I think that the real difficulty in using them for teaching is that you will find many students worried about why your skis look so much wider than theirs. If at all possible, I have always felt that at low levels, instructors should be on the identical skis as their students (but obviously, their own boots, tho).

Tom / PM
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