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Sierra Spring

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It finally happened. The snow stopped, temperatures warmed up, and for many ski areas, the season has ended. Saturday I spent my day at Kirkwood under sunny skies and warm temperatures. At least until the afternoon thundershowers hit. The day started cool, but well above freezing. As temperatures climbed into the mid and upper 60s, the snow became deep slush. Pretty hard to manage since every turn seemed to just slide sideways. So I spent much of my day hiking the crest and skiing some backcountry shots that were not so chewed up.

Like this nice low-angle bowl off the summit

Still lots of snow at the summit:

The top of the wall was definitely warm, and it was bringing out the core skiers.

Chutes along the crest of Kikwood
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One I haven't had the nerve to drop. Not today either.

Once is Enough chute. I did this one once in very soft conditions, but that was enough. Not today.

A group from Expedition Kirkwood at the top of Heart and Big Chute.

A nice open glade

And a view of Silver Lake, just starting to thaw.

Meanwhile back at the base. Its time for lunch. Some were celebrating the close of the season by dressing in their spring best. Easter bunnies, fairies and .... well, you tell me. :

And finally, the clouds rolled in with some hail, rain and enough thunder to shut down the lifts at 3:00. No problem, that heavy snow had worn out my legs by then anyway. Fairwell to a great season. From here out, its hiking for turns.

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Hey, great pics Cirq, glad you were getting some last turns in before having to really work for them. Thanks for posting. Y'notice they deleted the long thread again? Maybe it's because I wrote ph*que.:
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Yeah, but I was the last to post in it.
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Nice Tom!

I love the classic rock skis in photo 1, I spot some K2 5500's and a cool set of Look z's on those Dynastars maybe some solly 857's there on the left and a set of "exploding era" Tyrolias in there too?.....looks kinda like my retired dozen or so pairs behind my hot water heater in the basement

Can't imagine the owners were having much fun with those relics in soft conditions, which is probably why they are stuck in the snow. I imagine, however that the Mantras were just fine:

Of course my skiing is long over, I played 2 sets tennis this am and 9 holes of golf this afternoon....

Great shots thanks for sharing.

Have a great summer!
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Those skis were posted outside the ski patrol shed a the top of the Wall. I suspect their owners can do more on those old skis, than I can on a good day on mine. Patrol was looking very retro and relaxed. The sign said no access, but they waved me thorough with skins. They just didn't want people getting stranded on the backside with no way out since the lifts are closed.
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Looks like you had a great closing day! Thanks for sharing. Of course, you didn't show us what YOU were wearing...
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Nice write-up, Iwas there the day before (Friday) It was nice up high/
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