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A-Basin Thursday May 4th

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Probably my last day this year. : My brother and I will be there. Anybody else? Not sure what time we will arrive until that morning, depends on my wife and two children and the snow conditions. Seems like the bumps aren't really soft off Pali lift until afternoon. It's pretty easy to spot me as I'm the only one with red ski pants and a green jacket. Will be on my Public Enemy's as they are the only skis I've mounted and my demo pass expires 4/30.

If I head up on the weekend I'll go on the other thread.
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I'll be there. I will most likely get a late start (I am on call the night before). PM me if you are interested in car pooling.
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I "may" make it up late morning depending on my flight, travel time, status of sleep deprivation, etc....

If so, I'll keep a lookout for the red and green. If it's warm, I'll have an EpicSki ball cap on otherwise I'm indistinguishable in a black hat and red spyder jacket. dp, might recognize me and I'd probably recognize him.
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i'll be out at A-basin for memorial day weekend (my first time there)...
hope you all have a great day out...i hear more snow is coming this week
would love to see something posted about the conditions...if not a full-blown report

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Faisay and I skied Loveland today- it was snowing HARD in the afternoon.
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and as a result had great snow all morning on the ridge today.
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Rusty- I'll bet! You don't get many powder days in May. I should have called in sick.....
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As it turns out I won't be there tomorrow, Thursday. My daughter wanted to "make plans" with me. So I will be playing all day with her and skiing on Saturday instead. Actually she may go test rive cars with me. You have to know how the car seat fits in back and you always want a four year olds opinions on the car's merits. Hope to meet some of you on Saturday.
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Originally Posted by bumpdad
Hope to meet some of you on Saturday.
bumpdad, if you're coming out to Loveland on Saturday, we're meeting upstairs in the cafeteria around 9:15-9:30. By the restroom/water-fountain.
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Thnaks Faisasy, but I have an A-Basin ticket and so does my brother,so its free there.
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