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The A-Team Van.
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Unfortunately, I think I'm probably an '85 Ford F250 with all the ball joints pretty much trashed.

The engine's pretty good and there's no major rust on the body, but the suspension sucks.

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This is easy. I'd be Porsche 911 Targa T top, silver.
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1982 Mercedes Benz 300 SD Turbodiesel – Not real fast off the line but good top end speed, and rock solid stability and handling at speed. After 500,000 miles it’ll need a transmission rebuild and the engine will need rebuilding at between 750,000 and 1,000,000 miles but what the hell. It weighs 5,500 lbs. and gets 25+ miles to the gallon. Oh, and safe at any speed.

To follow Fox: My dream car is a Duesenburg, an Auburn or a Cord. Don’t remember them - here are some photo’s -

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hey Maddog,

there's an old Cord here in Missoula, it's been brick red primer for as long as I can remember (8 years!) and is driven regularly by its owner, who operates a novelty/head shop known as "The Joint Effort." Best selection of hot pepper sauces in Montana, guaranteed. Habanero sauce is MILD compared to their selection.
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BMW 635 csi
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Asked this question about MY body, wifey said Ferrari - and when I said, "Please! Objectively!" she said, "OK, a BMW 2 seater". Obviously biased, as you'll agree when we all meet. So I'm thinking about it myself, and I'm having a really difficult time. I'm thinking maybe Acura Integra with about 140 horses, on a really good day - not quite a sports car as such, but with aspirations thereto. Otherwise, Honda Civic - not the cheapo, not the hottie, just the average mid-grade one. It works, it's not very large, it's not un-fun, unless you've driven the Acura Integra and know better.

But my bod does something a car CAN'T do: Enjoy feelings and have a hell of a good time!
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Cutter John's souped up wheelchair. Opus, Portnoy, and Hodgepodge on my lap, blazin a trail and out of control. :
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Ford F350, flatbed, duel rear wheels, age indeterminate. Not pretty, but still works well. Basic ranch utility truck.

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Cutter John's souped up wheelchair. Opus, Portnoy, and Hodgepodge on my lap, blazin a trail and out of control.
I miss Bloom County. Bill for president!

As far as cars; hmmm...something people think they know, but a novel beast entirely, a little insane even, like the Ford Talladega.

I'm also somewhat similar to my first car, a 78 Bronco. I could take that sucker anywhere and get in and back out. Except for that one time I ended up about 20-25 feet into the surf at Will Rogers State Beach. Now that was an interesting night, it sure was.
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one of those cars they drive in demolition derbys
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Hate to admit it - but I would probably be like the car I drive. An Infiniti G20 - flashy badge name but too heavy for the engine. Handles great though but it always wishes it was an Audi or BMW and not just a wannabe.
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A Lotus Europa. Seriously underpowered, but the light weight makes up for the small engine. Climbs surprisingly well. Corners smoothly. Makes the most of old technology.

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Isn't Europa what people say when they get sick?
I used to be service manager in a Lotus dealership. We had to lock the doors on the showroom floor so they wouldn't sag from being opened too many times. :
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Please don't take my smart a$$ed comments seriously. They're meant for the cars, not the people.
I'm a "car guy".
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Right now i feel like a 2003 Mustang Cobra waiting for the season to start. But in reality after my first day of skiing it will probably change to a 79 Pinto. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I would like to think it's a 65 GTO rag top with a 389 tri-carb and a close ratio muncie in front of 3.91 gears (which I did own at one time). But to be realistic I'm thinkin it's more like the F-350 4x4 crew cab turbo diesel sitting in the driveway now , a heavy old brute with nice lines that powers through anything......maybe that ain't so good mmm.
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Stealthy, pretty quick, and built to last

I'm rather amused at how many VWs have been mentioned in this thread.

Sadly, that one's going away in about a year, but it'll be replaced by another 'dub [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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VWs kick I like VWs

I am VW Diesel; a puff of black smoke, a clickity clak and I'm bearly movin' GD stickers and all [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

And they also reflect my blonde hair, blue eyed aryan stuporiority : :
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I thought there was a post from someone in Oz (ant?) about a Lotus Elise. To which I replied "not many in the States".
Well, this always happens, I walked into Foreign Car Specialists(a local shop I buy parts from)yesterday. There it was, a race prepped, silver Elise. I'd never seen a live one before. I shouldn't be surprised I guess, he has a Lamborghini Muria in there too.
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My genetic lottery is along the lines of a Camry - solid, extremely dependable, utterly unspectacular -- takes A LOT of work to get race ready.
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