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If your body was a car

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Disski asks me in another thread if I thought women were more prone to dislike their bodies than men. It reminded me of something I heard Jack Canfield say about hating our bodies and comparing our bodies to idealized others. It's like saying, "It's not fair! I got a Chevy Caprice and he got a Maserati."

So, let's see. What kind of car did you get?

I got a micro sports roadster with a rag top. I think it might be a Triumph--one of those little Brit cars in an optimistic yellow with black trim.
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Originally posted by nolo:
I got a micro sports roadster with a rag top. I think it might be a Triumph--one of those little Brit cars in an optimistic yellow with black trim.
You mean the kind that is lots of fun to drive, falls apart at the first spot of trouble and costs an absolute fortune to keep up?

sorry, couldn't help myself...
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1974 Chevy Nova, Green, four door, half moon caps with a 350. Looks like something grandma would drive, but blows the doors off of most of 'em.
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1995 VW GTI VR6 -- a car that I actually owned for several years. Looks like a regular old Golf, handles like a race car, accelerates like a dragster. Beware the sleeper. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Later model El Camino with the Vette bomb dropped in. (Practical car, stylish enough, carries the groceries and the skis, but a surprise under the hood.) Beige exterior, tan interior (subtle, disappears in a crowd, but a coach the valet won't be ashamed to park). Wide profile rubber underneath and five on the floor. A lovely rumbling purr when I've got the premium grade coursing through my hoses and valves. Bench seat, of course. ("Scootcherself a lil' over this way, hon'. No, a lil' more. Almost there. Lil' more...") I'm lost amidst the Porsches and Beemers and Vipers, but I'll getcha there with a few minutes to spare.

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The new Enzo Ferrari (I'm still working on it)

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ryan, no stretch blue upholstery?
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It's true. This car is a lightweight! Not at all practical. No room for groceries. Built too short for the sidewalks.

Still there's plenty of vroom-vroom for the pound, you can park on a postage stamp, and there's that wonderful fuel economy.
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If my body was a car, I’d probably be in the shop.

Picture a ’65 Vette with bashed in fenders, worn tires, a cracked windshield, smoke coming out of the exhaust, ripped up interior, no radio, suspension too low to the ground and one functioning head light. Runs like new though…..
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I'd be a yugo(spelled right?)or sumthin shitty like tht....

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Something understated, with class and a rock solid image ....

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love the rear spoiler. down-force, right?

Not to be a killjoy, but maybe Supporter Lounge, or Community? These things keep me awake at night.

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And the cardboard on the front is way too hip…..
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Jaws: In about 1970 I actually owned a Corvette that matched that description ...... a 65 that had so many things wrong but it oh so right. :

Now ...... a 67 Griffith TVR, lots of cracks in the fiberglass, rotted leather and wool interior with a musty damp odor. The heart of the beast; a 289 Ford in Shelby tune.

Here little Porsche! Here little Porsche! Come just a little bit closer .......... WHAM! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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It's nice that the car is parked diaganolly in TWO handicapped spaces!
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Hmmm - How 'bout a convertible Durango?


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1986 VW Jetta diesel, 4 door, 5 speed, 210,000 miles on odometer. A little rust and a cracked windshield. Too heavy for the engine, can only go fast downhill, great mileage and runs forever, still has that great VW handling and is quick in the turns. Wait, that is my car. Oh well, we are what we drive. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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A lemon. No worries tho... because "my other body is a bicycle".
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With respect to ryan, probably a '68 elcamino with a hopped-up 327 under the hood. Not some big gas gusslin' show motor, just the little blow em off the line rocket. Decked to the hilt with the modern toys. A quiet exaust the merely rumbles its way to the line, blows the doors off the competition and stops for the tailgate party afterward. Cruise comtrol for them long road trips, Stick shift of course, plush interior and the dynamic surround sound. Has all the comforts of a modern car and the utility of a pick-up with the style of a classic.
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Of course Irul's car says a lot about him too .....

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What's the deal? That's kyewt.
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I feel like my body is a lot like the car I actually drive now...

1993 VW Jetta GL Turbo Diesel:

Not too fast off the line, but goes fast downhill, and can go forever. Turbo inside provides the little extra kick when you need it most. Handles well, nice to look at, and respectfully cared for!

Doesn't impress too many, but to a certain few who know there vws and what's gone into them, it's well appreciated!

Not to mention skis look very at home on it.. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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hummer, military version
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I'm an old beat up toyota pickup. Beat to heck, but keeps running, even if a little slower than everyone else.
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A 69 chevy with a 396, fuelie heads and a hurst on the floor...

Or maybe a Cadillac. Long and dark, shiny and black.

But seriously...
I'd like to say a 1930's 3.5 litre supercharged Bentley from the days of real Grand Tourers.
I'd consider a DeLorean, only because they were made in Belfast.
I'd consider and Aston Martin DB5, or perhaps the new Vanquish, or maybe a 1970s Lotus Esprit in white, or metallic brown.
But most likely it would be a Mini. The original one, not the new ones. I did my advanced drivign test in one, and it was a fun car, with its own unique character. Some people loved them, some didn't. Dangerous to be in in an accident, well designed and built. A classic. But also not the most practical. I'd like to be the Cooper S model.
I'll wait until you guys meet me, then I'll let you decide what you guys think.

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i'd be a '57 Ferrari Testa Rossa (the ones with the cut away fenders) with way too many miles on it, faded paint and in serious need a valve job.

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I am a 1954 Chevy Nomad.
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Probably like the rusted out 78 XJ12L(JagUar) with right hand drive that's sitting in my barn waiting for me to fix it up.(I'll start training tommorrow : )
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'70 Chevelle SS, 454 - 4 speed with cowl induction hood.....just like skiing the powder...you gotta breathe.
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Breathing is important, being able to turn would be nice.
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