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Punching out my boots

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I've got some new Head boots. I need a little more volume make the fit just right. At my workplace I've got heat guns, infra red temp sensors. small mechanical spreaders, things like that. What I need to know is how hot to get the plastic before it will move, and how much it will spring back to it's original shape. I live a long way from any bootfitters. I ski at Mammoth a lot. The guys at Footloose have been real helpful but I want to deal with this before my next trip. I'm tired of spending time in the shop instead of on the snow. I've got some old boots to practice on. I just want to be ready when I tackle my new boots.
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temp. about 200' heat slowly so that the inside of the boot is too warm to touch (so the heat is all the way thru) heat gun 6" or more away. don't rush.

moce the plastic twice what you want it to stay at. (you want 3mm move it 6)

cool with snow or cold water helps, but not 100% needed

practice a lot and also try to break the old boots, just too see the max you can go....

good luck
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What mntlion said...Heat SLOWLY! Usually I start about about 6" away from the boot with my hand inside the shell feeling for the heat through the shell. When the heat through the shell gets unbearable, it's stretch time. If you start seeing bubbles on the outer surface of the shell, you're either too close or too hot. Stretching is kind of an art form, takes time to master and you will make a few mistakes. I always cool my stretches with cold water for 15 minutes. Lastly, you can also stretch the liner with a press also (no heat or very gentle heat)

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I have been told by my local shop that they cannot punch out my Krypton Pros because of the kind of plastic they are made of. Anybody know if this is true? I have weird ankle bones and my rubbing problem was easily fixed on my Saloman X-waves with one punch. If they can't do it to my Kryptons I'm screwed because I will have to use massive padding that will change the fit.
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mud: you should be able to; start slowly and try....
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I finally got some feedback from a real expert. He told me that the Krypton shell is a nylon material instead of the normal P.U. It stretches at a lower temperature, but it can be punched out.
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Thanks mntlion, you are right!
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