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Las Lenas 2006

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I would love to go to Las Lenas this summer. Does anyone know where I can book shared accommodation?
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My understanding is that there is very few choices near Las Lenas, you basically stay at the resort.
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Las Lenas disappointing

At Las Lenas, you stay in one of 4 hotels and it's a long ride from Malargue on a narrow winding road; not at all practical to stay in Malargue. Also, be advised that the lift lines, when I was there last summer, were horrible; 30 to 45 minute lift lines all day every day. The lift system is junk; they were only running the lift to Marte about half the time and, when they did, they only loaded every other chair. They loaded their quad chair as a triple. Adding to the problem of access to the mountain is the fact that they built another hotel (previoulsy, there were three) which, making some assumptions, increased the skier population by about 33%. If you're an expert skier who loves steeps you would love the mountain there but that just makes it all the more exasperating when you can only get about 6 or 7 runs a day. It's a fabulous mountain. I haven't been to Portillo yet but I'm told that it equals or exceeds Las Lenas for terain and far exceeds it for everything else. I had a week booked there last summer but got trapped in Mendoza by a storm that closed the pass from Argentina to Chile and never got there. I'm going to try again this year.
Good luck,
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Last year I stayed in Malargue. La Marte was closed during my stay so I know what you're talking about. This year i'd like to stay in the resort and share an apartment or stay in a hostel. I'm not sure where I can book such accommodation. That's my problem because all the sites are in spanish and I don't speak spanish. I have to start learning...

Portillo is absolutely fantastic as far as i'm concerned. Nice little ski area and great facilities and a beautiful surrounding. The terrain however is not as good as Las Lenas they said. A visit of both resorts is the best I think. Adding Termas de Chillan, Bariloche or Chapelco would make it even a better trip.
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I flew to Beunos Aires & used this company to arrange everthing . They have English speakers.

In Catedral They even arranged for a Taxi to pick me up & return to San Carlos de Bariloche Hotel everyday from the slopes

Las Lenas on a good day beats Portillo hands down. Most of the Hotels are full board. There not many hostels . In peak season accomaodation is difficult to find,

As others have said Malargue is some way down valley. Although you maybe able to get a local to drive you up each day for a few pesos.
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I know that at LL they have a hostel and apartments that can be rented by the week or month, but I do not know the details or how to rent them. Try Mark Lasiter at He lives there during the summer and books custom trips. Check out his website at I did not use him, but the people I met there who did liked him.

I agree that the lift system at LL is almost completely dependant on the Marta Lift which operates sporatically, but Portillo has problems too. If the lake is not frozen the skiing on one side is severally limited. The good skiing on the other side is completely dependant on the Roca Jack Lift, which also has a sketchy record of being open, and even when it is the ride up rightfully scares the weak and the timid. Roca Jack es caca loca!
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Thanks St. Anton! I'll try Badino soon.

Because you've been there, perhaps you can help me with other information as well. Do you know how much the extreme expedition (backcountry tours with guide) costs? Or hiring a private guide?
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Dont know the prices for guides/tours

Cat Skiing cost $10 per ride up in the Cat (2001 prices).
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I went on it and, if I remember correctly, it was about $140.00 US. You'll see some awesome Andes scenery and have a picnic lunch (sandwich and a glass of malbec) at an abondoned research cabin that was occupied by Dr. What's His Face on a frozen lake. By the way, the only way you can book anything at Las Lenas is through a travel agent and Mark Lasseter (has more than one business) and Badino seem to be the major players down there. I'm sure they can arrange anything that can be arranged. One more thing; Las Lenas has built another hotel which (making some assumptions about size, etc.) increases the skier population by about 33%. Go figure. You'd better be a lot more patient about lift lines than I am.

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You need to avoid the July South American holidays, which increase both the lift lines and lodging prices by as much as $500/week.

I was at Las Lenas first week of September and the lift lines on good weather days were 10-15 minutes. Details:
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Originally Posted by polhovsky
I would love to go to Las Lenas this summer. Does anyone know where I can book shared accommodation?
you should check out, they have a trip headed to Las lenas this year and you can ski with some great skiers. Chris Fellows is a current National team member
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Shared Accom in LL

There are 2 Argentine guys that rent big places and book jsut beds, jsut make sure you print off the email when they confirm to bring to them
their info is here

Marte still has not opened for 1 day yet in 2006
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Marte lift is frequently closed. It got completely wiped out by an Avalanche a few years back.
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