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snowboard sizing

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OK, here goes. I got a good deal on a Salomon Maiden board and I've decided to finally get one (I've been using my younger sister's set-up for the last year - boots 2 sizes too big, board taller then me : ).
I don't know which one to choose between these the 147 or the 153.
The 147 supposedly works for 99-145 lb (45-65 kg) and the 153 for 110-165 lb (50-75 kg).
I'm 5'4" (164) and 130 lb (about 60 kg), pretty beginner, but I'm comfortable on blue slopes, can carve some turns, and have no problem letting it rip. It's going so well that I don't want to limit myself with a beginner snowboard (this will probably be my only board for the next 5 to 10 years - all my extra cash goes on skis ).
So since both boards would probably be ok, is there an advantage to a shorter one? a longer one?
Ok, which one should I get?

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I have no advice for you but I'm looking forward to the answers that you get since I'm the same size and sounds like about the same ability as you. I'm currently using my daughter's board (Burton Feather size 139) with Burton Syncro bindings and feel I may be ready for a change next season. I already bought new boots off EBay that I like. Like you, if I would have used my daughter's they would have been a size and a half too big.

The Feather 139 is really for someone a little lighter and shorter than I am, but I'm a bit nervous about the change to a longer, stiffer board.
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are you still growing?

The longer one could take you further in the long run. willl you be focusing on freestyle? then the shorter one (easier to get around) speed? longer. Powder: Longer.

Tight tree lines: shorter.

give us more info...
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Unfortunately, I'm done growing (vertically at least ).

As for the rest.. hard to say. I like tree lines well enough - on skis, I have yet to brave trees on a board, and while i like the occasional jumps I'm not much for freestyle (especially if rails are involved.. ouch ). I guess the shorter one would fit my preferred conditions better (groomed hardpack, fast), but will it versatile enough for the occasional tree run etc? Or will the longer one be good enough in powder and with speed? How much of a difference do those 6 cm make?
Not sure if this is relevant, but so far i've been riding duck (my sister's board was set up that way, and I got used to it).

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For pow and going fast the bigger board will serve you better. Better stability etc. If you ride a lot of trees, it is easier to do with a shorter board. Especially if you really have to squeeze into tight spots etc. I would say at this point the bigger board may be more for you. A little more sluggish to start, but it'll also be more stable at speed.
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I'll second the big board...
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