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Knee soreness

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About 7 weeks ago after a day of skiing, coincidentally or not, I started feeling sore around my lower quad where it attaches with the knee. After a week of ibuprofen and ice, I visited my doctor who didn't find anything wrong with the knee and sent me to physical therapy. Physical therapy ruled out any major knee problem and helped me with stretches and strengthening. However after over 5 weeks of therapy, the soreness still occurs especially while driving, going up stairs or walking. When it gets sore it seems to engulf the whole knee region. This is not a debilitating sort of pain but nevertheless a cause for concern. My range of motion and strength are fine. Has anyone experience something similar?
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If its where the muscle attaches to the knee, it could be tendonitis. But I am not a doctor, and dont play one on TV, but it could be that the position your leg is in while driving irritates some meniscus, or even could be arthritis.

I suggest a second opinion. How did your doc rule out any problems? did you have an MRI? Is he an orthopedic dr? Is there swelling? how long are you driving when it starts to hurt?

Knees dont just suddenly hurt for the hell of it, but they do take a beating, and they are really pretty fragile if you look at them. There isn't much there in the way of protection. Go back to drs. or go to an Ortho dr.
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BTW if it is tendonitis, therapy and excercise will only make the problem worse, you need to lay off of it and skiing for a couple of weeks.

5 weeks of therapy is a really long treatment from a dr who didn't find anything wrong?
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Find a sports doctor. I don't know what they call them in the US, here they are normal GPs with an extra qualification in sports medicine.
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Originally Posted by LindaA
How did your doc rule out any problems?
Just a physical exam, tested range of motion, strenght, etc.

Originally Posted by LindaA
did you have an MRI?
No but the physical therapist suggested I talk to my doctor about ordering one.

Originally Posted by LindaA
Is there swelling?
Not visible swelling.

Originally Posted by LindaA
how long are you driving when it starts to hurt?
pretty much as soon as I start driving, I can feel some tenderness, it's not a sharp pain more like a weakness from overuse feeling.
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Muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The latter two have such poor blood flow that healing takes six weeks or more.

The interesting thing is that the strains due to "normal activities" (Not a crash or something) on these slow to heal parts can be attributed to poor muscle capacity for the activity.

When the muscles let you down, the fall guys are these attaching members, and then the bones.

Rest the ligaments, and strengthen the muscles!.

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Ok,then I especially suggest getting either a second opinion or insist on an MRI. you cant really rule out any structural or serious damage to the knee without one. And damage can occur without you noticing, even without a crash.

Did you fall or tweak your knee in anyway when you were skiing? did you have a prior injury? there can be a million things, including arthritis, torn or worn meniscus, muscle strain (which is very painful even though its innocuous sounding.)

other than that, stay off of it for a couple weeks, never mind the excercising for a bit, and see how it feels after that. I get tendonitis but its below the knee, "Patellar tendonitis." that hurts all the time though, not just while driving. Only thing that makes it go away is to leave it alone for a bit.

but get an mri, even if its just to reassure yourself that there isn't anything structural...
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do you run...i have a IT band problem"runner knee" that only bothers me after i start skiing...no problem when i mountian bike...its from a muscle imbalance and PT and stretching worked ...it was so bad i had to stop skiing after about 2 hours rest and ski again for only an hour rest and maybe get another hour...after therapy "6 weeks" i was skiing upto 4 hours with out a break and skiing 6 hours with out pain...
hear are some web sites

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I think i have the same problem as you.

i feel both my knees kind of tender and sore, and while i drive i feel them more.


weird thing is my left knee started hurting while skiing the first day, even though i didnt fall, after that i was limping that night, but no swelling or anything. next day it didnt hurt at all, went to the doc and he could find anything WRONG with it. after a week and now both knees feel sore.


anyway i think i might get an mri as its been 6 weeks and it still feels sore 

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