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Originally Posted by Yuki
The P-50 will probably be a much better choice than the P-10 ..

I strongly suspect that you were far "behind" the longer ski; you spent more time catching up with the ski than you did on your line.

Look for the most improvement to come at the start and the finish. Watch how many skating steps the top runners are using to get to the first gate and do not exceed that number .... start skiing the course.

Look at the last three gates and the line you want through them. Usually you can tuck the last two or three.

What are you wearing? Get down to a sweater and a vest. A jacket can cut down your time and hopefully on the shorter skis ... you will be striving for speed instead of scrubbing it off.
The 155cm P50 was spot on for my current racing ability now I have to
progress towards being able to go down cliping the gates as I go without
straddling. So far I have deliberatly not made contact with a gate on the way down. Once I have have gained confidence with the gates I will then
look at a ski suit but maybe next year, as my aspirations this year revolve around developing technique.
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My point was that you can cut down a second by stripping out of your ski jacket. A jacket slows you down.

I was not at my age, goint to be seen in a Spyder GS suit. I did find however that with a tight North Face Wind Stopper vest over a light sweater, I cut some time off.

I could feel the difference in speed and see it on the clock.
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It's a part of racing folks!

The jitters, the nervousness, the sudden urge to pee, the nausea, the tightening in the chest...whatever it is you experience, it plagues most all racers I have ever known. Every now and then you can have a pressure-free race where you might be slightly calm, but as an ex-college racer, let me tell you that the more stiff the competition, the more nervous you may get.

Breath evenly, stretch, focus, KNOW what you gotta do man! If you wig out, you'll blow out. Be aggressive and attack that course, don't hold back due to nerves!

Good luck!
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I used to get nervous in H.S. league. (can you believe that?) Later I moved on to IFSA big mountain stuff and remember more than anything the terror before a line. I don't compete anymore but I now believe that terror was the result of having to do something bigger than the rest. Many guys carried radios. They had a friend up top, or someplace, keeping track of the starting order and would communicate on how long they had before their start while they went skiing. I always envied that little trick of staying away from the event. of course only doable in chair-accessed events. Those non-chair accessed ones were scary enough to completely forget how to ski by drop-in. In those years, I've learned the guy who wins always comments on his ambitions of having fun. Screw the race... ski like it's your last day and don't fall. It's honestly all about having fun... I've never heard someone from the podium say it wasn't fun.
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I find that if you sit there and pretend your a big dog growling, it helps, especially in my skiercross races where there are 3 other people next to you hearing you scream and growl....... its great.
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^^^ so you're the one taking my mind off it.
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I've been racing for 25+ years and I *still* get that feeling. It starts when I'm 3 or 4 people from the starting gate. I shake my legs, try to keep them loose and not tighten up, and do my best to stay focused.

I hate getting right up to the wand, stomping the feet, poles set, flexing and ready to explode and the starter says....

hold on the course! ugh.
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Right on Gate Basher

Talk about squashing any focus you had?! Holds on courses for maintenance or crashes, whether they are short or long, are the absolute WORST. :
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gate crasher, my mistake.

not that there is a difference...
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