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ACL Recovery & Restless Legs/Feet

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Hi all!! I'm having this issue since my surgery (4/4) & wondered if anyone has/had the same experience.....

The best way I can describe it is Restless Legs - but I also have this feeling in my's an internal "crazy" feeling.....

Also having an issue with my hip - seems sleeping/sitting aggravates it - it's uncomfortable and becomes painful while sitting/sleeping. I also get a numb/pain feeling that radiates down my leg....

Anyone else with the same experience??
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Lola is going through the same exact thing.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Lola is going through the same exact thing.
All of it?? I'm SO glad I'm not alone here.....

Is she doing anything for it??
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Hi There,

I had ACL surgery 2/13, and I had tons of wild sensations in my calf and ankle. Your nerves get cut in surgery and as they reconnect and heal you will get numbness, zapping electrical feelings, and of course soreness. For a while, a had a sensation in my ankle that I would compare to having a bad sunburn. I don't know what to say about your hip, except limping throws your whole body out of whack and might be what's making you sore.

I have become addicted to an ACL forum. Not too fancy but it's all people going through ACL recovery. It's been really helpful to me as I go through all those funny issues that come up week-by-week. It's

Good Luck! Hope to see you on the knee board!
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