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Lemme know what you think

"Passion is Gold"

Passion is gold.

Passion is waking up at 6 on Saturday mornings.
Passion is sacrificing parties, and dances,
for intense, painful, and nearly breaking sessions.

It's being there, when you are tired, or sick.
It's contracts, and coaches.
It's critisism, pain, and hard, hard work.

Yet passion is the warmth beneath the ice,
The winds, and the frozen air.
Passion- is in the tears, the painful ones
And the joyful ones.

Passion is glory.
It's the idea that you would rather be here
Than anywhere else in the world.

Passion is when people call you crazy.

Passion is neccessary.
Passion is a lifestyle.
Passion is love.

Yet passion is so very rare
There are few who posses it

I do
Those who do, can go far,
I will go far,

Passion... brings the gold
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Nice, addiction, I like that. Thanks for sharing it!
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I think most of us would agree, our passion is skiing.
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...until, one day, doctors come around and shatter your dreams.
Then you find yourself working 9-5 in a cubicle, commuting everyday by rail, rushing like every other ant.
Thanks, addiction, nice reading anyway.
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