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Cool! Optical Illusions!

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Make sure you have the sound turned on on your computer:

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The last one is great--be still my racing heart!
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No comment.
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Okay. Heart attack time. DON'T do this at work!
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here's another site without any demonic, scary ones

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You ******* Son Of A Bitch
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Ok, Let Me Restate That:

You Intercoursing Son Of A Bitch
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If I hadn't been drunk, I, perhaps, would have been reminded of a similar snipet my sister sent me last halloween.

Now, wbroun, all I have to say to you is, CURSE YOU RED BARON!!!!!
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How base?

How mundane?

How crass?

How f'in now broun cow! ......
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Hehehe. Sorry, couldn't resist. I'll wait for a payback...

The internet is fun, but this one is still not as good as much uncle Don's old "rattlesnake eggs" gag with an envelope, a rubber band and a paperclip. That one scared the beejesus out of me and I wasn't even a kid.
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