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Beware of Half and eBay

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I just wanted to extend a little warning to the Bears. I tried to buy some Warren Miller movies on half.com but they never arrived and the seller has not responded to several notes. I will get a refund through half.com, but its really the hassle and the fact that I have to buy new movies that is annoying.

Be wary of any people that have their feedback designated as "private" instead of showing the actual score. I do not know why eBay does this, it seems to me it defeats the purpose of feedback if you dont have to show it. This allows sellers who have a *bad* record or transactions to hide them from view. I would not buy from someone who is not willing to show their record again.
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I agree, half.com is shady. I ordered three DVDs from 3 sources at the same time. It was a nightmare getting what I ordered. Each seller was claiming they had not been paid by half.com and all emails to half were answered by someone who barely understood the English language.It took weeks to get it resolved.
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I think it was half.com I tried to buy Downhill Racer on several years back. The tape was defective. I returned it, never got my money back. Spent weeks trying to get tape replaced. Never got either. Finally wrote it off mentally as having taken more time relative to the lost money than I wanted to invest. NOW, of course, I'd like to have that $20.
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You might try going through amazon.com for DVD's. I bought a 4 pack of WM DVD's a few years ago and got them for half the retail price. Shipping was fast.
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half.com used to be a good source for used items, including videos. Just as it implies, everything was half price or less (never more like now). That is until eBay took it over (coincidentally or not).

Nowaday, when it comes to videos (not applicable to ski movies because they never make it to the charts) like eBay (worse yet on yahoo and other auctions), it's flooded with knock off copies (some better quality than other) sold be crooks who never describe what they are really selling. One time I bought an obvious foreign bootleg of Killbill 2, and was confronted with denial when I gave him a neutral rating describing what the disk really was.
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Knock offs abound not just videos

My buddy just purchased a " North Face " jacket on ebay. Seller had good feedback, pictures looked legit. When it arrived, total fake. It was a pretty good fake, but still, total fake. He is now trying to get his money back but hasn't had a reply. BEWARE!
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ebay's busted, started in Euope with dodgy eastern european crooks either going for direct fraud or palming off fake items (anyone fancy trying to pursue a law case in Serbia/Albania etc. ?) Amazon it, they even make much better effort of security and guaratees for their resellers, well in the UK they do.
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I got a fake Spyder jacket off ebay back ago. You definitely have to be careful of knockoffs when buying off ebay. Pay very close attention to feedback.

I'm not sure what ebay or paypal's policy is on knockoffs, it might be worth pursuing.
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Based on some questions I asked E-bay while I was buying skis, if the product is NOT AS ADVERTISED, you have recourse. Obviously, if it's advertised as a Spyder jacket and it's a fake, it's not as advertised.
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