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Silverton in May

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Will I find decent snow in May at Silverton or wil it be mashed potatoes? Would Bachelor in Oregon be any beter?
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That's a tough one.

I'd call and ask them. They'll be pretty honest about conditions. They've been getting very localized weather patterns this year, so you really can't base snow conditions on anything happening in Durango or ToHellURide. I bet the snow in the trees at Silverton is really starting to suck. The rest of the mountain will be fine if they get some fresh snow.

If you have the opportunity to follow snow reports and travel on a moment's notice you might get really lucky. This is the time of year where there's a potential to get 3 feet a snow in one dump making for excellent conditions for a few days.

No idea about Bachelor.
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Looks like Silverton is closing this weekend - April 30. Too bad.
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