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More Stuff for Sale

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177 Volkl Karmas w. Rossi Pro (FKS) 120 bindings $350 plus shipping
170 Atomic Supercross 11 w. Device 4.12 bindings $200 plus shipping?
183 Volkl Gotama w. Rossi Pro (FKS) bindings $500 plus shipping
161 Neversummer Revolver Deck $275 plus shipping
Tecnica Diablo Fire 304mm shell Make an offer
Giro Flint SC w/out visor Size small $40 plus shipping

leave any questions here because i'm not so good at clearing out my private messages before they fill up.
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More info on the SX-11s, please.
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the green and orange version from a few years back. used as my highschool gs ski for 3 years, never freeskied on. the condition is impecable.
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Hey man didn't I buy mantras from you?

What kind of condition are the karmas in? What size boot are they drilled for? Have they been on rails?
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could you let the gotamas go without the bindings?
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if mc takes the gotamas how much for bindings
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ski=free: yes you did buy the mantras from me. the karmas are in awesome condition for how many days they have on them. the things are immune to base damage somehow. volkl hit it spot on with the construction of the karmas. they're drilled for a 304mm boot. yes' they've been on rails before but it was before they're last full tune. they still hold an edge like no other twin out there.

mc_roon: yea i'll do the gots w/out bindings as long as i've got a taker for the bindings which it looks like tcross might be. i'd like to get around 400 for the skis in that case.

tcross.au: $100 bucks plus shipping? they only have 3 days on them so they're like new.
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open to offers and trades as well
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Still interested in the gots. What year are they? What condition are they in. Also, i could be interested in the entire setup...maybe. What boots were the bindings mounted for?

Also Willing to trade AK Rocket Labs(195 swallowtails) with s912
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this years gots. really good condition, just your minor topsheet nicks. mounted to a 304mm boot at the FR line.

sorry no interest in the AK Rockets... i'm looking for some explosivs and 916s to start rebuilding the quiver.
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wasnt expecting you to go for the trade. Am glad that they are the seasons, now even more interested. When you say excellent condition, do you mean really good bases. Would love to see some pics if at all possible.
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i have one shot on one of the bases that just needs to be stone ground out... but i'll have that done for ya if you want them. i'll snap some pics when things arent so hectic around here w/ the final week of school before finals.
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I'll take the Rossi Pros if you are still parting and tcross.au/mc_roon pass. Please advise.
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gotamas should be picked up today... bindings however are for sale $100 plus $8.10 flatrate shipping
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I'll take the FKS and I'll pick up in Boulder on Tuesday....
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Still got those SX 11's?
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check out my shit
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you still got those karmas
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Are the Gotamas sold?
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ticos: karmas are still around

team ftb: gotamas were sold without bindings
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so those karmas are in pretty good condition...no major scratches on the bases etc.
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correct... its ridiculous how bomber those bases are.
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will those bindings fit a 28 or 28.5 boot...can you pm some pics
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theyre the FKS style heel mounted to a 26 boot. i dont know how much play that type of heel has, if anyone can chime in that would be great. and no i can't send pics as i dont have the skis with me here in new hampshire.
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sorry to keep asking questions but if that heel doesn't have to much play, and i decide to redrill holes, how many times have those skis been drilled...dont' wanna be skiing on swiss cheese
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ask away... the skis have only been drilled once for the 26 boots. so another redrill isn't going to affect the integrity of the ski.
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what year are those karmas...
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the karmas still available...i'm still interested

what year are they?
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ticos: the karmas are last years model. the black and red ones. they're still available.
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so they look like this....
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