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Chapelco, Argentina

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Has anybody been there? Where do you stay, etc.? Good snow? I would appreciate any info.
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I've visited Chapelco last year in the end of august for 6 days. The mountain is pretty cool. Varied terrain and great tree-skiing. Because the area is difficult to get to, very few tourists are there. Snow was absolutely amazing because it snowed for 4 days during my stay. However, normally the snow shouldn't be that good in the end of august people told me. The mountain is a 30 minutes ride from San Martin de los Andes. A nice town with good accommodation and very good food. You can stay in hostels and hosteria's if you travel on a budget and in hotels if you got more to spend. There are shuttles which take you to and from the mountain. It feels like a typical argentinian experience.
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Chapelco in August

Sounds good to me; like it could be a lot of fun provided I learn a lot more
Spanish between now and Aug. I know from experience that it can be very challenging down there if you don't speak much Spanish. I gather that maybe late July or early August might be a better time for snow. Is that correct?
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July must have more reliable snowconditions. The end of july and beginning of august is holiday period in Argentina so perhaps it can get a little bit crowded. I've only been there once so I can't tell you a lot about snowconditions out of my own experience.

I can only tell you that I really enjoyed the mountain and the village and the fact you're around Argentinian people and hardly any tourist.
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