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Originally Posted by jdhawg
The bottom line is...if any industry (in this case Martin's publisher), can get free (or low-cost) input from voluntary sources that is "good enough" and will generate income (in this case attract readers), then they will take it.
...and this is the real crux: what quality is necessary. In other words, "What's the value created?" If the value is high enough, then the compensation increases. If it's not, then it doesn't. And part of "value" is how many people I can find willing to do it for what price.

Lots of folks contribute their ideas, insights, expertise, and knowledge here on EpicSki for no compensation other than to read the similar insights of others. In some ways, this is exactly what Martin is doing in hardcopy. I see no difference.
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Looking at writing generally, it seems that there are two things present in the final piece: (i) the information and (ii) the organization and expression of the information. In this particular case, I think Martin Bell is likely to get a good amount of the former, but a lot less of the latter, which he'll have to supply himself, and for which he will, appropriately, be paid. Indeed, it seems odd for those who object to writers working for free to object to Martin getting paid ... wouldn't he then be doing exactly what you're complaining about?

As to the first part: it seems that writers often gather, organize and express information that's provided to them for free. So far as I can tell, the information sources -- be they interviewees, writers of company press releases or whatever -- typically aren't paid.

As to the fear of unpaid amateurs providing the latter (the brilliant prose), it seems highly misplaced. There are already hundreds, if not thousands, of amateur writers running around, desperately trying to publish their words for free. So far as I can tell, there's a sizable number who will actually pay money out to publish their little books and what-have-you. I wouldn't be too worried that they're going to drive novelists who try to make money out of existence.
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The April Economist has a "new media" special section that addresses this issue among other fascinating ones. It's happening in lots of places, not just ski journalism. One model that's interesting is Ohmy News a S. Korean website started by a man named Oh Yeon Ho. Contributors submit articles and there is a virtual tip jar on the page where readers can send in money from their cell phone or credit card account. (although i couldn't find it on their english language international site) That also serves to give the article more visibility in the que. One article made $30,00 in five days. Nevertheless, the status quo will resist because, well, it's the status quo.
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