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1st turns of the season

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As the start of the season fast approaches (yea, right. this is going to be the longest 4 months in history.) I was thinking today (I was at Attitash, doing the summer resort thing...)about the first day of the season and that very first run.

you know, the one where I loose any grace and dignity I had, not to mention any knowlege of the technical aspects of skiing, reverting back to the long forgotten(groan...) wedge turns and feeling like a wilderbeast with three left feet.

Sure, half way down that first run, im fine, its like jeckyll and hyde...the transformation is amazing.

How do I psych myself up to get past that? What is a good "visualization" to prepare for that?
What is going throug everybodys mind during that first run?
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Find a ski movie with a section you want to ski like. Watch it until you can play it in your mind. Watch it in your mind until your body feels it. Then on that first day, LET your body feel it. Works for me...

If you ride a bike practice rolling through slightly intimidating terrain without braking. You will find the ride much smoother and more balanced. This is what your first run can feel like if you 'go with the glide' instead of resisting for the first half.
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