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Is this ski dead?

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I just picked up a pair of Dynastar Race Stock SL's. They are a couple of years old (Omeglass 64 graphics with the white and blue bases). I was told that they had been on snow 5 times. The top sheets, edges and bases are all pristine. I've bought skis off the rack in worse shape than these.

One problem: when I stand the skis base to base and measure the camber, I get 4mm. When I put the skis on the floor, they just about flatten out.

Are they dead?
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I've had new skis that never had much camber in them, so I'll be interested in the answer myself.
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I think camber has little to do with life in a ski. It is a breakdown in torsional rigidity that yields a ski impotent. Camber probably helps keep it from wandering when flat, but once on edge it all reverses out and the skis stiffness is the major factor.

I've had skis with lots of camber but were deader than dead.
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