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Were you in The Ski Club?

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I wasn't. Though we had one in junior high.
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No, because skiing was a supported sport when I was in high school. Now it is a club sport that has to cover its expenses by raising funds so both my kids were in a high school ski club.
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No such thing in Missouri.
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i wasnt(dont have many school ski clubs in houston, tx.), but a girlfriend of mine was. she even had a timeshare at crested butte. i could have sworn she was the perfect girl for me with all of that and being a great girl, too; but she moved on and married a doctor. if only i was independently wealthy !
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Yeah, I pretty much WAS the ski club. We had to cover our own expenses but after a few trips, only two other regulars came, so we saved the bus money by taking the club director's Jeep up there. It was great, there was no agenda to the club, we just free-skied, all three of us, and I found the person I enjoyed skiing with the most was my High School Counselor and Ski Club Director (a practicly honorary title due to the size of our ski club) as we had a lot in common to talk about on the lift rides up. We both alpine skiied, inline skated, welded, water skiied and a few other activities that I remember the club with fondness.

I would spend all week waiting for friday to come around and when it did, I couldn't concentrate on a single thing all day. We would pull out of the parking lot after 3 and stop at subway to grab subs to eat on the way and on the lifts after we stuffed the eftovers into our packs. As I'm a freshman in college this year I will most certainly ski more than I did last year in the ski club, but I certainly will miss the way I felt at 2:45 every friday waiting for the bell to ring when I could see the snow was still falling outside.

I only wish there would have been a greater enthusiasm for the club, but I can't blame them. It is after all midwest skiing at its best!
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I'm starting a club team at my college. Hopefully there where be some interest and some $$ from the school. (Oregon- so plenty of skiers/snowboarders I think)
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In OZ???

I think only a few elite schools here would have 1....
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Didn't have one at school, and I didn't take up skiing until after I left university.

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We didn't have a Ski Club at my High School. How ever the first time i ever went sking was witha Church Youth Group to a small pla place in PA The ski hill was a Farm The Farmer and his wife set up a rope toe useing an old engine part of the Barn was converted into a lodge of sorts. the runs were marked off with Hay bails. We rented Leather lace up boots skis with bear trap Bindings and crashed into hay bails. the thing I remember most is The Great Hamburger I had for Lunch.
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No. Didn't start skiing until I was 30.
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We were lucky enough to get Grae skiing with a friend who's school offered a bus/group thing. So for a couple of years he enjoyed weekly skiing/boarding and now he is pretty good...much better then I am, but it is something best learned when young and shared with many the same age. Maybe he will have the joy in life that Ott has shared with us so often; I hope so. I'm just glad that the opportunity was there and that he took it. I hope that those kind of opportunities continue for 'our' children especialy when it seems that school 'funding' is a critical issue every year. How to keep perspective? I wish I knew.

no, I did not ski in high school. Not an option, but we never could have afforded any part of it even if it was. tubing down the hill was as good as it got and I recall that was pretty good.

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Also didn't take up skiing until I was 30. My school didn't have a club; they organised a week's trip each year but my parents couldn't afford it.
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It didn't make sense either, because there were three ski areas within ten minuites of the school. It didn't really matter, because I found myself at the mountain one way or another.
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The News Hour last night did a feature on the travel industry, particularly how "smaller" airlines (Southwest, Jet Blue...) are affecting the larger players. One tidbit gleaned was that the largest ski club in the country is in the state of Florida.
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Not the club, but my 1/2 credit for "Instructional Skiing" was easily the best 1/2 credit I earned in college. Pretty much a joke, as we would ditch the lesson and play in the "park" at Nashoba (in Mass.). Ah, to be riding the 200-yd. lift there again, a Jack Daniels nip in one hand and some girl from the beginners lesson in the other...
Sorry, I'm getting a little misty here.
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Here's a site for people looking to form a college club:

It is interesting that the largest clubs seem to be in the land of brown grass in winter, not snow country. Something about volume discounts?
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Originally posted by nolo:
Here's a site for people looking to form a college club:

It is interesting that the largest clubs seem to be in the land of brown grass in winter, not snow country. Something about volume discounts?
Nolo- thx for the site- seems like there's some deal to be had [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I was a member of the Bennett Junior High School Ski Club in Manchester, CT. We would get on a bus at 4:00 am and trek up to Vermont or New Hampshire to places like Pico, Bromley, Magic and Sunapee. I remember one trip to Sunapee where my piece o' sh!t bindings kept releasing prematurely. I solved that by cranking them down, only to sprain my knee on the last run of the day. Embarrassed and afraid my parents would never let me ski again, I never told them I hurt myself skiing but instead that I banged my knee getting on the bus. A likely story, but they bought it, and the rest as they say is history.

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We didn't have an official Ski Club at my high school. But my friend's church had kind of a Ski interest group as part of their youth group. So we went on regular trips up to New Hampshire a couple of times per year.

Otherwise, growing up just outside Boston, we skied "Big Blue". Amazing in retrospect how our trips up to Jackson NH to ski Black Mt. made us feel we were going to a "big resort" in comparison to our usual 600 foot of vertical...
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We did have a skiing/snowboarding club in my high school. And I was a member every year. The club activities usually consisted of about 2 meetings and a lot of excited talk about cool things we could do. We never did anything though until my senior year. That years self elected president took the initiative to plan a trip to Grand Targhee. 4 kids managed to borrow their parents SUV's and we just sorda caravanned up to Targhee. It was probably the single best experience of my high school life. We occupied 6 or 7 rooms in the Motel 8 in Driggs. Within the first night they threatened to kick us out. Apparently the people below us didn't like the wrestling matches going on above their rooms at 3:00 am. A few people never went to their rooms and fell asleep on the hallway floor. After sleeping an average of 2-3 hours we would go skiing. Where the snow was waist deep everyday and it never stopped coming down.

Almost the whole top floor was occupied my just our group, so all of us left our doors open and the group of us would migrate from room to room eating food and goofing off. By the 2nd night we had so many complaints the hotel sent 2 of their office staff to sit up in the hallway and monitor us, to make sure we weren't loud. So us being an amiable group befriended the 2 employees watching us and they eventually agreed that the people complaining downstairs were pricks. Again we got "too loud" and when the guy downstairs came to yell at us he threatened to call the sheriff. After he left we found out that the sheriff was the Mother of one of the employees watching us. For those 3 days we felt we owned Driggs, we were friends with everyone and nobody wanted us to get in trouble. The great thing was that our "chaperones" were one of the kids Father and his friends. We didn't even meet them till the 2nd day. And they were drunk or not there most of the time. That trip still remains one of the best memories of my life.
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Nope...the ski club at my high school consisted of idiots with those plastic ski tote things and morons who would leave their skis in a pile on the side of the street while waiting for their bus to come. Plus, they only skied every other week.
The real skiers were on the ski team and although our bus wasn't as nice, just a regular yellow school bus, at least we skied every day of the week.
I do remember that it was important on those cold nights to sit in the seat on top of the heater so you could warm your boots up to make it possible to get them on when we got to the mountain.
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