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I’m offering up my quiver of skis for sale, need to clean out some space and downsize a bit. Here is a list of the skis , $350.00 for all five pairs plus shipping ( my guess on shipping might be $100-$150 in the U.S.). So if you are looking for multiple pairs to own and play with here it is. These are in the picture left to right. All were new when I got them and only have the original binding mount. I’ll give an approximate days skied on them. All are set up for a 316mm boot shell.
1) Line Darksides at 165 cm dimensions 110-73-98 with Rossi Axial 120 binding 4-12 din.
One small base shot no edge damage, found to be great fun in trees, bumps, powder(east coast) and pipe. This has a slight twin tip. Approx.. 60-70 days skied on them over 4 years.
2) Elan M12 Fusion 168 cm. dimensions 108-70-98 with the Marker Fusion binding 3-12 din.
These skis are in top shape, no base damage or even scratches, ski well on the groomed cruisers as well as the bumps, mostly had been used as my instructing ski about 50-60 days on them over 4 years. Bindings adjust easily to different boot lengths.
3) Dynastar Skicross 66 170 cm dimensions 104-66-94 Rossi Axial 120 binding 4-12 din. This ski was brand new for me last year have approx.20-30 days on it. Mint shape .Stone grind complete tune last week of March this year. Good all mountain ski, holds real well on hardpack and ice chopped up powder, short and long turns, decent in the bumps, very stable ski at speeds.
4) Dynastar Team Course 64 168 cm dimensions 103-64-88 Marker M44 ( with 1 heel piece from a M31) din 3-11. Some scratches on base easily taken care of with a stone grind edges perfect. New for me this year about 15 -20 total days on it. Great edge grip on the boiler plate conditions we had up in the northeast for a lot of this year. Very good at short turns and the bumps, held well at speed on the longer turns.
5) Head Big Easy 170 cm dimensions 119-70-108 Tyrolia SP100 demo bindings. Din 2.5 -10. I was trying to use these for powder skis, beat the bases up pretty good with 2-3 long and deep scratches ( there really wasn’t much of a base in the woods this year looking for powder). Has a big side cut can make tight turns but it was really built for beginner skies with an easy turn entry not a lot of holding power at speeds and on hardpack. Used maybe 10 days.
There you have it, if your looking to build a quiver for next year here it is in one step .Post questions or pm me on any part of it, don’t want to sell separately, all as one package is preferable. David