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Head iGS RD 2003-present

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Have the Head iGS RD skis changed a great deal from 2003 to now? I tried the 2005 model and thought they were great, although a bit heavy. Would the 2003 model behave similarly?


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P.S. I'm considering picking up some Heads so that I can be like Bode. I am also picking up a 40 of Colt .45 on my way home for performance enhancing reasons.
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Does anyone know the sidecut of the 2003 ski in 190?
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~26 meters or so... that is a good deal on ebay, if I needed another race ski, Id snathc the 180s 0r 175s
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I picked up some 04-05 GS RD (non liquidmetal) and yes they do feel heavy, but very precise no chatter on ice, I like them and will be buying some SLs with the liquidmetal soon.

I dont know about the 03-04 models but the only difference in the 04-05 and the 05-06 is the substitution of titanium-aluminum alloy for liquidemetal (which supposedly makes the ski even more lively, with 100% energy return). A distributor told me that the 06-07 is the same as 05-06 with exception to the top sheet which is now a very Atomic-ish red, white, and black.
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2007 Head skis

Look and see new Head skis: http://www.univie.ac.at/USI-Wien/ski...15_09_2005.pdf
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If I remember correctly, the 03/04 and 04/05 had the new 102/66/88 sidecut. The older skis 02/03 (which I own) are 102/63/88. The plate was and still is the same. I have skied both, and the only difference I can make out is the sidecut (with the exception of liquidmetal addition in the newer models). My old 02/03's have around a 21.5m radius, the newer 180cm's are 23.8m. Still heavy and quite damp, no deflection, very stable and confidence-inspiring, quietly powerful. I would compare it to a BMW 8-series. FWIW, I found the Stockli to be similiar, just a little beefier and stiffer, and the Elan GSX to be a little lighter and snappier underfoot, just as stable. I had more fun as a freeski on the Elan-it works well for a lightweight like me, as I can get more energy out of it with no nervousness. At 150lbs, the Stocki was worthless unless I really cranked it at race speeds (even then it was a handful) and my Heads feel like no speed limit cruiser skis, but without as much energy as the Elans. I think the Heads work better (at least for the race-stock version with VIST plate) for a bit heavier skier.
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