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MA request - Uncle Louie

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By Uncle Louie's request, here is a video (containing three clips) of his skiing a few days ago at Vail.

Terrain/conditions: In the first clip it's an green/blue (can't remember) trail (groomed early in the day), taken in the mid/late afternoon on a warm and sunny day, so conditions are typical spring corn -- soft with good edge grip, but not too wet or sticky. In the second, very short, clip it is a green trail on a cold morning -- 2-3" of fresh on top, but not groomed since the previous day, so deceptively hard and bumpy/uneven underneath. The third clip, is a blue-rated trail in Blue Sky Basin (Vail), but on a somewhat flat part. Taken on a very cold and cloudy morning, with about 4-5" of dry fresh snow on top of a pretty hard underlayer. Not too uneven underneath.

Intent: Free-skiing/carving.

I created both regular-speed and slow-motion versions, in both Windows Media and Quicktime formats (for Mac users):
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Nice skiing gramps! (this would be a hekova (sic) "real" inside joke)

I really like the smoothness of the last turn infront of the camera in the first clip. Not as much angulation as ssh, but you don't really need it. Nonetheless cranking the A up a little more would add more power to this skiing. There's something about the end of one turn, very early part of the start of the next turn that's missing a little pizazz. I think I'd like to see a little quicker edge engagement there, but am more interested in what others have to say about this. In your early turns in the first clip, it looks as if your stance width gets a little narrower just before reaching the fall line, but I can't tell for sure because of the angle and the small size. You can see the outside ski get away from you and a little skidding above the fall line on the right turn at 6 seconds.
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Very good skiing. UL is clearly a very experianced skier with good basic technique. Nice to have the video in slowmotion as well.... wonder where he got that ide .

Anyway, good feel for the terrain and snow and nice even turns and good rhythm. One thing that stands out, in a negative way thou is that he is banking a bit. The banking is combined with the lack of counter. This causes slight rotation of hipps which in turn cause outside ski to skidd. Look at outside ski skidding in each turn causing skis to drift apart. The banking is the root of the problem because this way too much weight is placed on inside ski and outside ski looses pressure. Maybe here is a slight tendency for stepp turn. If UL did ski for a very long time maybe he used to turn that way before the carving skis made that moove a bit unnessesary and deffinetly outfassion.

Maybe he was just lazy and did not try his best or maybe it was the wet snow or flat hill or something but he should deffinetly stop banking and angulate more. That in combination with some counter to get away from such a square stance and his skiing would look and function much better. Money back guarantee.
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Nice skiing, UL. I'd like to see your torso a bit more upright. You can see your inside shoulder tipping into each turn. I THINK (too shakey and I don't have the stuff to view frame-by-frame like Rusty does) you're stepping from ski to ski and not really involving the new inside ski in each turn. I'd also like to see you keep your hands where they are at the moment of pole touch. You tend to bring the pole touch hand in front of you and then push it to the outside just at the moment of touch. Left over from your days as a high school gate crasher? None of these things is bad, but combined they take away a bit of your balance, a bit of your edge control and reduce flow.

I just got a look at the SSH clips. If you compare your images on similar terrain to his you'll see what I'm talking about.
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It's obvious he knew he was being filmed! As he usually skis a lot "looser" than that. UL is a very good skiier, as anyone who's skiied with him knows. He has his own style, and doesn't appear to struggle on anything.

The left foot got left behind on a few turns, the legs are staying flexed through each turn rather than extending, but I can't see either adversly affecting his skiing, which has been honed over many years of high performance skiing.
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One aspect that most of you won't know is that one of his feet (his left one) was really in pain, especially over the instep.
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That probably contributed to the "inhibited" look of UL's skiing too.
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Definitely. Much less so on the powder day. Well, powder over rock-hard ice. :
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Thanks Everybody

A couple quick notes...I did have a lot of foot pain from an injury going on, as ssh said, in my left foot. I padded the heck out of the boot and am in a very unusual position in my boot....good eye ant. The other thing is L2-L4 in my lower back are fused from a car accident 20 yrs ago. That being said......

I am surprised to see the shoulder tip that a few of you pointed out. I had no idea it was there. It's not banking....I know I'm not PUTTING it there, but I am allowing it to happen. Worse on long turns. That's next years focus as of now.

My life long problems.....rotation....tight stance / too much knee flex.....hands.

Rotation correction was last years attempted correction....maybe this year I can revolve around a bit more and turn it into some counter

Tight stance....for me...you can actually see light between my legs....that's wide for me

Hands...Kneale you are right....the left drops more than the right usually, but not from gate bashing....I was freestyle first (hands allowed to go everywhere ) and came up CSIA with that little wrist thing the Canadians did. (Old habbits die hard) About that inside ski thing....there is a better shot of it at the LG2 thread while bump skiing...From the freestyle days I can just switch feet at will and continue. Fun and effective if needed....just technically wrong :

ant...good eye....those were my "Sunday Afternoon" turns....I knew Faisal was filming...and knew you guys would rip me to pieces if I didn't do my very best PSIA looking turns . I think my "real in person" skiing is a lot more fun....but not on film:.

the rusty......yeah there was a snow snake at the 6 second mark...there were clumpy wet spots on that run. (see ssh bobble) and you could be perfectly humming along and suddenly be in a deep spot....when I hit it I was glad I was so far away from the camera. Still I don't think the skiing was too bad......for an old slow guy as what's his name said over at Real Skiers.

For those of you that are done this year....thanks and have a good summer.
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The funny thing about strong skiing positions is that you can just ski right over those snow snakes. I used to think snow snakes "happened" till I watched Rogan rip through a field of potatoes and snakes at Portillo. If you're in a position to let a snake rip your ski out from under you, you're out of position. Think of all the racing clips where you can see waves ripple through the skis as they get knocked to hell but remain under the racer. Those little bobbles are our clues that we still have things to work on (and I'm right there with ya).
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