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My comments certainly depend on your learning style. While I think you received some excellent MA and progressions for improvement I have to say that your skiing is strong enough that I think you will make the next jump by having a guy like Bob B. on snow with you to make sure you are accomplishing what has been recommended to you. I don't think you want to waste time going in the wrong direction and implanting muscle memory that may not be correct. You got lots of different tips, I would prioritize them and work on one at a time until you own it. Liked your skiing a lot.
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Originally Posted by ssh
One of the more interesting games that we played was skiing by banking. Instead of angulating, we just skied very upright and used tipping our bodies to turn the skis. It gave insights. Any thoughts on what those insights might be?
Since you asked:when inclinating without angulating your outside knee is less likely to buckle in.
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You bobbled. The inside ski became dominant -- in other words, there was failure to commit weight to the outside ski.

Turns became more drifted than carved. VERY little pressure at the top of the turn. Turning the skis included upper body rotation.

A few other things perhaps, like no counter and being overly square to your skis. Poling may have vanished.

How'm I doin'?
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