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[Yes, I know about the gear swap forum, but figured this would be a more appropriate place given the limited/specialized audience for it.]

Purchased Memorial Day Weekend 2002, since then seen a light amount of transmit use and almost no search use. (Was my brother's, while he had a Tracker for his girlfriend, and now that he's an idiot living in the Bay Area, he decided he wants the most idiot-proof beacon for himself too -- i.e., a Tracker -- so I'm giving him a Tracker and taking the M2 in exchange to sell.)
Regular retail is $300 to $310. Price is $170 plus actual shipping of your choice from 01002. Or $200 with a brand-new/never-used Life Link Light 196 probe.
If you’re not familiar with the M2, it has a traditional single antenna, but provides a digital display of the received signal and hence allows you to follow the flux line.
(And yes, it has the new battery compartment door, plus the full Ortovox warranty goes through the end of this year.)