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Boots for Novice Woman

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Hello all,
I just posted questions for skis and also have questions about boots so thought it should be a separate thread.

110 lbls
Novice and not looking to get any better.
Will ski bunny slopes once or twice a year.
Size 6.5 width B with a AA heel

Would Rossi Soft 1's be OK?

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Same advice I gave you on your ski post.

Boots are much more important than skis. Fit is crucial. Without a proper fit, your feet will hurt and your skiing will not progress. Your street shoe size is meaningless and use of that will only get a boot that is too large.
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that boot should be fine, but check the shell fit is under 1 inch (under 2cm)

boot is the right flex, but shape might be a bit wide all around, and still get them TIGHT (see shell fit)
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You say you are a novice with no aspirations. What does that mean exactly? This is an important question. It goes along with how you answer the following questions:

Why do you ski?
What terrain do you want to ski on now? (Answered by your post.)
What terrain would you like to ski on?
Do you want to improve your skiing abilities?

How much you ski and what you want to do with your skiing will affect how much you are willing to spend on boots.

Right now, based upon your intial posting, buying boots and gear might not be a cost effective option for you. Not trying to talk you out of it, but, how many years of rentals will it take to get up to the price of boots, skis, and poles, when you only ski 1 or 2 times a year on the bunny slope?

There is also another option, buying used gear. I did this my first year skiing. Ask around at your local hil, if you have one. They can normally point you to a good seller. Also, there might be some used equipment that a ski shop may be willing to sell you.

If you care about skiing and want good fitting boots, get thee to a master bootfitter. You have a very narrow foot. (Like I do.) Getting a good fit will be a bit harder for you than the average Bear. However, boots are the most critical part of your ski gear.
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I just noticed this post in your thread asking about skis. It applies here too.

Originally Posted by MJB
Novices in all sports make mistakes when they first buy equipment. What you want to do is buy smart and only buy once until you're ready or need to buy better equipment. I think you should talk to the professionals in a good shop who will fit you properly and sell you the equipment you need.

Check out www.sierrasnowboard.com The shop is in you're area, they respond to emails quickly with great advice, and their prices are great. I'm going to purchase a set of skis for my son from them. Email Jim and I bet he'll help you out. He's a regular poster on epicski.
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