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Good to see you here, Leon.

I met you in WP in January.

And now for a shameless plug, because it's about heart and joy and falling in love with skiing:
If anyone wants to see a video of skiers skiing where their hearts are, check out "Sinners." It was the Best Mountain Sports Film in the 2004 Banff Mountain Film Festival. The quotes from Andrew Swan, who resigned from work 55 years ago, are wonderful! The skiers are not sponsored or paid or professional. They probably have never heard of the Sports Diamond (sorry, weems). They are real. They are Those of Whom Leon Speaks.

Go play!
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I have no problem with them not having heard of the diamond. Nor do I have a problem with myself not being real. I haven't been real since about 1965. Instead, I've been in search of a lifestyle that requires neither my presence nor reality! I'm getting close!
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