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mounting volkl motion bindings

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Does anyone have experience mounting marker bindings to volkl motion rails? I've bought a pair of volkl attiva skis with motion rails and marker bindings. It looks like they should just slide right on to the motion rails but i did not see any mounting instructions that came with the bindings. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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If they are like the ones I had a few years ago there are two plastic pieces that connects the toe and heel. You have to set them under the toe and heel to the correct position for your boot sole size. You then slide the whole thing on the rails and a metal pin locks the whole thing to the rails. They may be different now, I don't know.
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There are several notches on these rails. Do the bindings mount in the same position?
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I'm confused by your question. Yours may be different than mine were. Maybe we just need to define terms. If by notched rails you mean the rail attached to the ski the system I had just had a hole in the side of the rail for the locking pin. If there are notches in this rail I can't help. Maybe you can just figure it out understanding that the toe and heel are linked together by something adjustable for boot sole length and the entire assemble is pinned to the rail in one place. I'm sure someone here can be more helpful, sory.

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The bindings you describe sound similar to mine. The toe and heel lock together and slide onto the rail. They also have a pin. There are 5 holes on each rail(i though they were notches).

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The different holes will allow you to adjust boot center on the ski. Just line up the mark on the boot sole to the line on the ski. It's all pretty easy.
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I just got the Volk AC3's, I watched the guy in the shop mount the marker iPT bindings. If you have the PCOS iPT bindings I could try to scan the mounting instruction page for you if you want. I'm sitting and looking at the directions that came with the ski's as I'm writing this. This is NOT the Marker technical manual, but a sheet with pictures on it showing the steps. I'll do my best to describe:

Look at the bottom of your bindings; You pull out a piece of plastic from under the toe piece, place the Piston Controll Oil Suspension [PCOS] in its place, and there will be a little metal clip on the binding that goes into a slot on the PCOS body. There will be 3 nothes in the rail, 2 for the heel piece and 1 for the toe piece. The bindings slip over the rail and then you slide them on forward 40mm. Turn the locking screw clockwise 90ยบ so it's in the vertical position and now the binding is locked in place.

Next you have to drill a hole for the PCOS. (You'll need a 3,6 X 9,5 drill according to the instructions.) There is a templet you'll need to line up the hole. -I don't have that anymore. In which case you'll have to use the PCOS as the templet. The drill bit looks like nothing I've seen at the Homedepot with a built in pilot bit. -Probably something a Volkl dealer will have.

I wouldn't do it myself if I had a pair of second ski's that needed bindings mounted. I'd definitely let the shop do it, and I'm the kind of guy that usually insists on doing everything myself. Best of luck to you though!
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What's the mark on the sole of the boot that has to be alligned with the hole on the rail? Also i don't think there is a place to drill anywhere to mount this binding(LT).
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