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Delta again

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Delta are still at it. This time, it was about the weight of my luggage. I had a duffle, and a ski bag. The duffle was 55 lb, and I had to repack some into my ski bag, and the rest into my carry on. They have a 50 lb limit on every item.

Now, for international flights, the normal limit is 32 kg per item (that's international pacific region). Usually, if your trip involves an international flight, those limits are elastic, but nope.

50lb would normally be OK for short trips, but when you are living for 5 months, it is marginal. If you had 2 pairs of skis in a bag, you'd likely go over also.

Are there any US domestic airlines who still adhere to these old conventions? Or are the rules being re-written as domestic airlines go belly-up?

Packing the bags carefully is pointless too, as TSA are up to their tricks again. they ransacked both bags (at both airports in the US), opened containers (which were transparent!) and left them open so the contents were strewn through the bags, left internal compression straps undone, and also external straps undone. It would be impossible to pack anything breakable. As it was, I was carting a bagful of things that couldn't be packed for this reason as carry-on: laptop, big camera (the little one was in the toe of my skiboot in the duffle), bottle of Crown Royal.

After the costume jewellery ended up strewn through the bags, I'll have to carry-on that next time, too. Oddly, the jewellery that was packed into shallow lunchbox containers (transparent) was loose after they opened those containers, but some jewellery that was in closed and opaque bags had not been disturbed. Still wondering about that one. Lucky it wasn't real jewellery, I guess.
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Have you considered shipping stuff back and forth to yourself here and there?
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Yes, but international shipping is VERY expensive! And customs get interested; you have to pay for UPS/FedEx etc to clear things through customs. International baggage limits are much greater than domestic, but it seems a bit pointless, unless your trip terminates at an international airport, like LA (or NY if flying Qantas right through).

On the upside, Delta didn't attempt to apply baggage length rules to the ski bag, this time.
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Since Nov 1st - all international airlines are also restricting weight on checked in pieces to 50lbs each. 2 pieces allowed.
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US Air told me my duffle bag was 51 lbs. last week and 50 lbs. was the limit, but they would let it go at no additional charge. My ski tube with two pair of skis had to be considerably more weight, but they didn't weigh it. I carried on a backpack with goggles sunglasses and other breakables this time.

I was only packing for a week and made 5Olbs. Ski boots really add to the weight of the bag. Its got to be tough to pack for a lengthly stay and make the 50 lb. weight limit. I couldn't do it.
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Ant - with all the travel you do, I hope you have elite status on one of the 3 major airline alliances, rather than randomly using different carriers.

Some (not all) of the airlines give added baggage allowances to elite members.
For example, United gives an added allowance to Star Alliance Gold Elite members, which would be mid-tier or higher elite members in any of: United, US Airways, Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana, Austrian, BMI, Lufthansa, LOT Polish, Singapore, South African, Spanair, Swiss, Thai, Varig. It shouldn't be too hard to get 50,000 flight miles on a mix of them (all booked into just one Frequent Flyer scheme) to get that status. According to United's website they include a 70kg/3rd bag allowance.

I think Northwest/KLM does the same thing for SkyTeam Elite Plus members (Northwest, KLM, Delta, Continental, Korean, Czech, Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Alitalia, Air France)

Don't know about American and its oneworld alliance (American, Qantas, LAN, BA, Aer Lingus, Iberia, Cathay Pacific, Finnair) since I don't have elite status with them.

Even if this isn't an official policy anymore for elites, if you are elite they are more likely to give you a few extra kg without being picky about the fees.

Not sure why this was a Delta-specific complaint - anyhow where were you flying - DL doesn't fly to Oz. All the airlines have gotten very picky about baggage - the US-based airlines are actually a lot less obnoxious about it than has been my experience with European carriers, for example Alitalia which tried to charge me for a ski bag in Milan, even though they accepted it in Boston at no charge, or BA which were total carry-on fascists about a tiny briefcase in Heathrow for a half-empty short-hop to Edinburgh. As for Qantas, nothing on their site mentions that ski equipment gets a pass, while Delta does consider as "one bag" your ski bag plus boot bag. That's true with most of the US-based airlines, by the way. So hopefully you weren't charged for the skis and boots as extra bags - they should have counted as one bag.

I'm no fan of TSA, but compared to the near-body-cavity search I just had a few months ago in Frankfurt, I'll take TSA (and no it's not because "US Regulations apply" it's because certain countries like to use that as an excuse to enjoy being total groping fascists)
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Cheer up. It could be worse. I heard on the radio that Airbus is considering an airplane design where you stand up the whole time! With the extra weight of all the people crammed in, there likely would be no room for any sort of baggage.

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Originally Posted by Powdr
Airbus is considering an airplane design where you stand up the whole time!
From yesterday's NYT (click the multimedia link on the left side... you WILL laugh):
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Mark, it is very hard to travel in the US without flying a US airline. I travel to the US every year, so I get to use US airlines. Delta managed to stuff up more than any other airline so far. After the check in person at LAX in December tried to charge me an extra 100 bucks because my ski bag was longer than 62 inches, I'm glad I didn't try to have my bootbag included. She would have gone me for having 3 pieces of luggage, I'm sure.

There are IATA rules about luggage, weights, dimensions, sporting equipment etc, but US domestics are starting to invent their own rules. I can see a time coming when a pair of skis, or a snowboard, will attract excess baggage charges.
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