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Hi there,

I am thinking of making a trip to Heavenly next spring. What can you tell me about this fine resort?
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Go for a day to enjoy the view, then come up to North Lake where the really good skiing is!
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Don't expect charm at the base of the resort. Stateline is one ugly & depressing place (sorry casino towns do that to me). Overall, I wasn't impressed with the skiing at Heavenly (though Mott & Killbrew Canyons were closed when I visited). The resort has a weird layout with a long flat traverse to get from the Californian to Nevada side. If you snowboard, you will truly hate that aspect. There are some very nice views & photo opportunities of the Lake from the California side.
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Beautiful scenery, rather busy in spots. Undeniably handy location to base a multiday visit, but recommend you also sample one or two other Tahoe areas during your stay. Here's a snapshot impression:
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