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Your Very Own Ski Hill

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Wasn't Maddog looking to buy?
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When I was with Mt. High, we looked at buying Ski Sunrise...they may still....need the extra parking and an area for snowplay.
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All kidding aside, I have been looking for a new career path. I don't have the foggiest idea how I'd pull this rabbit out of the hat, but . . . .

I don't relish the idea of moving to California, but I would like to know whatever you can tell me about the Ski Sunrise resort and the surrounding area. It's a relative term, but is Ski Sunrise a decent mountain?

Based on the projected master plan, there is room for quite a bit of expansion. But, what resort and/or mountains might you compare Sunrise with?

Announcing the 2005 EpicSki Academy at Ski Sunrise [sheepish emoticon]


P.S. Angeles Crest Highway + motorcycle = big fun
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Big water issues, Herr Gadget! It is an upside down resort with the lodge at parking level then the mountain runs down from there.....lift ticket entrapment!
Seriously, the resort (?) hasn't operated in years...the lift maintenance is suspect, Prinoths are sh*t and reputation in need of resurection.....but......whatdaya think Ryan?
Incidently, Mt. High has bought water rights and wells below Sunrise and could pipe up through Sunrise (don't know the current status of proposed easments) maybe a deal to be brokered for access?
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