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West on the cheap?

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I graduated form college last month and since the conditions are not very good here in the east i'm thinking of treating my self to a trip out west. The only real problem is i don't have a job yet so my budget is tight. I have enough frequent flyer miles to fly anywhere in the us for free so that helps out a lot. Also my sister lives just outside of denver so i could always crash there and rent a car and drive to the mountains I think. is there anything good that's drivable for a day trip from Denver? I'd really like to hit jackson hole if I had the $$ so what are the best deals out west? anyone have a hook up on some cheap lodging or discount tickets? (I have a ASC all east pass so I guess that gives my 30% off at the canyons or something) my sister mentioned she has an entertainment book with some coupons in it for Colorado ski areas anyone have further info on that?
so in summary, I'm looking for the best skiing on the smallest budget I can get.
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Some advice for west on the cheap.
Skiing is ~2 hours from Denver. Lots of options in summit county, but its a poke from your sisters. No pub trans that I know.

Utah is a pretty good option on the cheap, and in much better shape this year than Summit county. There are lots of cheap places to stay in the SLC valley (no resort pricing). There is pub trans from the valley up to the canyon resorts (not "the canyons"). There are unsually discount tix available at some of the supermarkets. SLC can be a difficult airport to use freq flier to (no US Air).

Good luck!
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Use your Frequent Flyer ticket to go to Jackson Hole (it's normally a really expensive flight, so you get a good bang for your hard-earned miles). Stay at the JH Super 8 and get the very reasonable ski package.

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Hi there! A couple of thoughts if you go to Summit County. For cheap lodging look at http://firesideinn.com & http://www.alpenhutte.com. http://www.skicolorado-extreme.fws1.com/travel.html also has hostel listings.

If your sister can pick you up at the airport you might look at renting a car through enterprise leasing at one of the off airport locations. The rates will be much less.

Breeze ski rentals at the Dumont Colorado location was offering discounted tickets you might call themn to see what the prices are.
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Just graduated.. wants to take a vacation.. wants to ski.. sounds familiar. I'd recommend a process like this:

  • Move out of your apartment and put all your belongings in storage</font>
  • Drive to your dream vacation spot</font>
  • Apply for a job</font>
  • Ski</font>
  • When the season is over find a job to get through the summer, repeat.</font>
On a somewhat more serious note.. what's stopping you from skiing the rest of the winter? It seems the perfect opportunity to take up the noble profession of ski bum.
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