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I'm So Glad...

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I found skiing.

I didn't even really consider it til I was 27. I always thought it was the domain of the super athletic and the very " well off".

Then my wife convinced me to try it as a way to fend off the Winter Blues and cabin fever. After my first snowplowed turns, I thought, "This is interesting"! I only skied twice that year, but I vowed to go further when the next season rolled around.

The following year saw me ditching work whenever the flakes flew, skiing way too early by most peoples standards, in some fantastically crappy conditions, but not knowing any better and still loving it. I took lots of lessons, some good some bad, but none were a total waste. One lesson at Stowe was my biggest breakthrough to date, and I still remember how my spirit soared that day.

Then this year, I just went buck wild. I am now the proud owner of good quality equipment, I even have a pair of rock skis (didn't even know what they were last year!). I skied Chile over the Summer (unreal!), I skied Vermont starting Thanksgiving weekend, got to Vail, Breck, and Keystone. Skied a whole lotta NY and VT, then hit Switzerland for President's week. I'm even scheduled for a trip to Snowbird in April if the weather holds.

And it's not enough. Guys at work are hailing the arrival of Spring (we work outside), and I'm going into a major funk. It's really a 180 for me. I don't want winter to end.

The most memorable moment of the season so far for me was a chair ride in December from Vail's Blue Sky Basin back to Two Elk Lodge where I actually got teary eyed just looking out at the vastness and the beauty of the bowls and the crystal clear skies around me. I hadn't felt emotion like that since the previous September, and those were a different set of feelings altogether.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm glad I found this sport, and this forum for that matter. I'm pretty sure I'm here to stay.

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Welcome to the sport! Now you know why people work for peanuts and live on couches for half of the year, praying that winter never ends.
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But all is not lost. Summer in the mountains holds its own allure.
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Yo, Xdog! Welcome to skiing and EpicSki! Addiction loves company. Your obsession is deeply appreciated.

When you're expecting to be in Vermont, my e-mail is bgreene@law66.com

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xdog, welcome there is no salvation for true believers ...

Hey tell us about Chile, cost, snow, experience etc. I would like to get down there sometime.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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"Another one bites the dust..." :
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Originally posted by Bonni:
"Another one bites the dust..." :
That's another bites the snow bonni Hope your having a good ski year. Mt.Bachelor is still here with a 112" base if you ever get the urge.
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Originally posted by slider:
Mt.Bachelor is still here with a 112" base if you ever get the urge.[/QB]
Oh I've got the urge, it's the money and time that slow me down!
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Hey Oregon Bears,
How about another mid to late may gathering at Bachelor like last years May 15, trip?

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Do I have the Urge? Harumph!

Yer killin me, slider. I'd cut off my left.........ear to ski with you guys again. It ain't gonna happen this year.

Next year, however, promises to be much, much better. I'll see you then! :
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Man From Oz,
I posted a super detailed review of my Chile trip at;

portillo review

I may be going back this year, I'm tring to decide between that and Mt. Hood ski camp.

I'd recommend it to anyone. Apparently its no secret down under, as both ozzies and kiwis were both well represented.
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I can echo your sentiments.

I, too, had never considered skiing until my (ex, now)wife talked me into trying it three years ago when I was 27. I fell instantly in love with the sport and have forced some skiing into my life each year since. What a wonderful way to spend time. The beauty of the setting and the challenge of the activity are a just reward.

This winter I learned to start venturing from the groomed and learned new joys, many having to do with isolation. I skied real powder for the first time in December. Feet of powder. What a joy to glide down a hill of untouched deep, light snow in near silence. Soft bumps covered in a pillow of snow. Venturing off the trail and out into (widely spaced for me, thank you) the trees, being forced into constantly adjust line and turn size and shape instead of the same old turns you have been making all day, and then stopping in the middle of a crowd of pines and no one else. It is so much fun to go out venturing and see what you can find. It is also fun to spend time sharing it with someone else whether someone you care about or a stranger you meet or a fellow Bear. I recently enjoyed just following my girlfriend around the mountain.

It is not in my spirit to give up what I have here to move to the mountains. But I will make it to the mountains whenver circumstances allow. Such is the hold on me of this sport.
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