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Goggles and eyeglasses

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ok, i've been skiing for years, and wear glasses inside goggles or, i wear contact lenses while skiing with goggles. a couple of years ago I bought the smith goggles with the fan inside, which are fantastic for me except for one major problem - they just don't fit right on helmuts! this is not acceptable to me, especially now that my daughter needs glasses always...

My 12 yr old daughter has just gotten to the point where she has to wear glasses regularly, and i'm wondering what to do for her for this season. The big problem last year was significant fogging inside the goggles on the glasses. The anti fog stuff really doesn't cut it. Which leaves me with prescription goggles for her, or getting her contact lenses...which she wants anyway.

so, any other goggle/eyeglass ideas would be appreciated!

thanks y'all ,
rroggy. :
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Welcome rroggy,
This may not be the solution you're looking for, but...
You could try Oakley prescription glasses. They can take many of their standard sunglasses and put prescription lenses into them.

As for goggles, I don't know. Sorry.

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Well you have a couple of choices the first would be prescription goggles from Uvex there part of the lens which is coated with anti fog stuff like the inside lens of goggles, better than inserts like with Smith prescription goggles. Smith Turbo Cams fit with my Boeri Performance Axis helmet. The best stuff to put on the eyeglasses to keep them from fogging is RainX Anti Fog, i have tried them all,, RainX Anti Fog not the regular RainX but the Anti Fog stuff. You can get it in a small packet that has a cloth soaked in the stuff then put that into a zip lock plastic bag so when you go into the lodge you can re-apply it inside, you really cant do it outside as it will freeze before it dries on glass lens, oh by the way it works on plastic prescription lenes too. I have found that evry time you go inside and the glasses warm up you must re-apply RainX Anti Fog, but then again i dont go inside alot anyway. If you want to use the Turbo cams too as i do just bring goggles to a shop while you try helmets to see what will fit with the goggles and like i said my Boeri Axis helmet works with them.
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I have the same problem with glasses/Goggles and have been trying to solve the same problems for some time now. At the Trade Fair at Mammoth Mountain last year I stopped by the panoptx "windless eyewear" booth. I liked the concept and they are available with RX Glass. After some research I purchased the Cyclone with Rider blue Flash color lenses. So far I have used them in many varied conditions from light snow to full sun and I am very happy. They have not fogged up yet. I wear them under a helmet.

I would recomend that you go to a store that sells them and try on the different models, with your helmet, before acually ordering as they all fit a little different...find which ones fit your face best.

But Beware they are not cheap... :
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I had the same problems... Lasik was the solution.
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Oh man I can empathize. I also wear glasses under goggles and 2 seasons ago started wearing a helmet. Fog city! I couldn't do the fan googles for the same reason as you.

I've gone thru about 4 different sets of goggles since then trying to get a match. I finally found a google that fits ok with it and doesn't fog too badly, at least when I start moving. I forget the brand (it's down in the garage, I'm up on the easy chair : ) but I can check later - PM me if you want.

The key point though, rather than brand, is design: the air vents need to be front-facing and bottom, not foam venting on the top. The helmet blocks the airflow through the top vents. As people have noted, you have to bring your helmet - what worked for me with a particular size and model Boeri helmet might get blocked on a Briko.

My optician (not one of those chain stores) has some oakley custom frames he's been talking to me about. But seeing that my script has been changing every year even though I'm late 40's (presbyobia is a pain!) I'll probably pass. I'm already spending for main pair progressives, secondary/photochromic progressives, distance-only big lenses (driving at night, movies), and distant only dark sunglasses (beach, slopeside), yet another set of glasses/lenses every year will cut into a few weekends $$$ ski money.

Since kids/teens' eyes change quickly too, I'd think about looking for a good google match first, for the same rea$on.
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For years, I absolutely refused to have anything to do with contact lenses. I did opt for prescription goggles, which were at least somewhat better than goggles over glass. Then, about seven or eight years ago, I heard of these SOFT contacts that are much more tolerable. I figured I'd try them for skiing. Today, most contact lenses are one or another type of SOFT contact lenses. As I say, I tried them - and over th years, I've tried MANY types, even so-called "bifocal" lenses. The long and short of it is that I NEVER ski with glasses, I ONLY ski with contacts, and I can choose any helmet, goggles and sunglasses I want. Unless a person has a serious and insurmountable problem getting accustomed to wearing contacts, they are the way to go. Fog? As close to non-existant as you can get. There's a type and style suitable for virtually everyone. I have two-week disposbale bifocals, daily disposable regular distance lenses and year-long durable distance lenses. They are all GREAT! You owe it to yourself and your daughter to try that route. If you want to chat directly about my experiences - and believe me, I've been "around the block" on this, as they say - please contact me by e-mail bgreene@law66.com and I'll e-amil back to you with my phone number.
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My son wears glasses and this year I bought him the Simth with the fan (he's 11).

He has worn the Smith goggles with both his Boeri Jr. and his (new) Leedom helmets .... the only reported problem is that the new helmet pinches his ears ..... none with the goggle fit.

I'd carry the goggles with me to a few different dealers and find the right match.

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I've foudn that although I wear my glasses most all the time, I can actually ski without them, so I guess I'm going to stick with that trick for a while, unless oakley will make me RX lenses for my a-frames, because i've never found such a great goggle. They never fog, but my glasses sure did before I took 'em off.
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Thanks for the comments. she's definitely up for the contact lenses, so we're going to get a fit before this weekend. my guess is she'll love the lens so much that it will completely change her skiing! actually, can't really change it, she already had a good attitude, but with kids, ski schools go in the lodge a lot for breaks, and i think she has a hard time immediately after the breaks. this should be a grand improvement.
i'll let y'all know.

as for my smith turbo's...they're great without a helmet. However, after reading some of the helmet stories here, I think I owe it to myself and family to start wearing the helmet again. But that's another thread...

thanks for the feedback!
going to Whiteface for 3 days this weekend and Vail in Feb and Mar. for a week each.
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