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Aussie Speed Skier

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our one legged wonder Michael Milton has just set the australian able bodied record for speed skiing....

details here
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That's damn impressive!
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yep but apparently no one else seems impressed....

so we'll just bump him up again....
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That's definitely radical.
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HOLY SHIT!!!! That's 127 MPH!!!!
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and bumping again....
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Originally Posted by volantaddict
HOLY SHIT!!!! That's 127 MPH!!!!
213 kph = 132 mph
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A leg of steel and a heart to match
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nah garry - he is actually quite nice - at least to chat to.... very determined... but that goes with the territory
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meant that in a nice way as in his inherent strenghth
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lose leg to cancer at 9 years of age... compete in first paralympics at 14... get first gold 4 years later... take out all 4 alpine disciplines in 2002... etc etc etc...

Take up speed skiing 2003...
Set world record multiple times...
get Oz able bodied record in 2006....
Sort of requires strength - yeah I agree...

Milto rocks!
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now he is going to walk the Kokoda Trail
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Not at all surprising.

One leg = less drag, aerodynamically

Therefore a skier with no legs would be even faster than this guy.
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yeah - except the 1 leg has less drag but he is not missing the equivalent amount of upper body..... so he has to compensate for the lack of leg to match that upper body (if that makes sense).... that means he needs to sort of "twist" in the torso area to make up for the body getting dragged back... he was explaining on a tv doco
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He wants to go for the able body world record next year.
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