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Maddog’s ACL Double Menisci Repair Diary

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Maddog’s ACL Double Menisci Repair Diary

This is my diary your results may vary.

Injury Pain
Sharp pain after the snap but receding quickly to minimal pain. Minimal swelling and bruising.

Immediate med evaluation and immobilization brace, RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevation until swelling is gone and knee remobilizes.

Recovery Period – Pre Surgery
Two weeks for primary and about 4-6 weeks till I felt near normal. The menisci tears kept my ROM from returning to normal, I could only manage to about 5 degrees on extension.

Surgical Choice
I chose the patented “Dead Guy” graft. I didn’t want the longer recovery or the other problems associated with Hamstring or Patellar grafts. So here I am running my own Dr. Frankenstein’s reanimation of dead tissue science fair project. Cool huh? Or maybe icky? Both!

Surgery (Wednesday)
I had a femoral block with IV love potion number 9. I woke up in love with the recovery nurse. But hey she was attentive, cute and young, everything I am not. Heh. Go with the femoral block it lasted about a day and a half with me and kept my initial post surgery pain to a minimum. The surgery was outpatient and arthroscopic (aren’t they all now?). It went without a hitch.

Post-Surgical Pain/Recovery
Days 1-2 (Wednesday and Thursday) – no pain to speak of. But I was saddled with an amazingly annoying brace. Ice machine (Game Ready) was good but I could not feel a thing so hard to tell when it was out of ice. I made my own dinner Wednesday and breakfast Friday but after that I decided I really needed to just rest on Saturday and Sunday.

Days 3-5 (Friday – Sunday) – Surgical pain which I would rate as 3-4/10 was less than I expected. I was given Percocet to take for pain and it was a bit strong for my needs but welcome at night nonetheless. Oddly I do not sleep while taking Percocet but I enter a nice warm place where I can relax and let my mind wander. Sleep deprivation became a problem on the 4th or 5th day so I had to change nighttime drug to Vicodin. Wife was annoying me so much with the whole “I am overwhelmed taking care of you” routine that I went back to all my own cooking Sunday. I am not cleaning or folding laundry however no matter how much she complains. You should understand she was out of the State Thursday and Friday so she really only can say she took care of me on Saturday. Sheeeesh.

Days 6-7 (Monday-Tuesday) – The pain moderated to never more than 2-3/10. First PT was Monday afternoon. The great knee unveiling was pretty anticlimactic. Damn thing had shrunk even more than it had post injury but pre surgery. Everything was healing up nicely with moderate swelling.

Days 8-10 (Wednesday-Friday) – I had very specific pain at the lower site where the bone was drilled beginning Wednesday night and continuing through Friday noon. This caused pain 6/10 when I had to be up wearing the brace. The brace pressed on this wound and was really annoying. Light touch massage to the area desensitized the problem and it quickly went away. If I had done this before I would have likely not had the problem at all or just minimally.

Days 11+ No pain. But I still get to wear the annoying brace. Swelling is now well controlled but still present. I can see my patella but there is swelling. I seem to be on course but my extension is still less than normal as is my flexion. I am hitting my goals but it is still frustrating as all get out.

Life is essentially back to normal for me but I still can’t drive. So there are a few quirks involved.

Physical Therapy
Oh the fun of these oddly tiring but oh so minor exercises. I lost quite a bit of muscle mass since I was not able to exercise much for the first month post injury and I had the surgery 6 weeks out. PT is great and helping but I long for real exercise but I suspect it will be quite some time off. Arrrrrgh.

Mental Status
The post injury denial wore off quickly and I realized I needed to have ACL repair if I were to ski at the level I ski at. Depressive moments occurred when I realized how long and slow the recovery was, post surgery due to the pain and at first PT when I really realized just how weak I was and how difficult/long the PT would be as well as the Doc’s bedside manner – he is a surgeon after all and they don’t do bedside manner. High points – were the femoral block, the mind wandering pain diluting Percocet and good PT folks who have kept me well motivated. Overall not a serious problem but it could be for some people just know your likely reaction before you get cut.

I hope this is helpful to someone who might need this surgery.

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Mark - SO GLAD you posted all of this!! I'm having/had MANY of the exact same experiences as you.....Glad you mentioned the lower incision where they drilled in - cuz that still bothers me...will start massaging it.....

I'm still on crutches, can't drive, still in soft cast/brace-thing myself.....Day 15 out here....
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Good stuff.

My wife has gone through foot surgery and my Dad has done the triple bypass in the last year. The shock of needing it pales in comparison to the stress of recovering. Hang in there and good luck.

You need to come down here and ski Taos Ski Valley next year. The terrain is very gentle and non-challenging. Taos is a wonderful place, and New Mexico very inviting. And the food is mild and soothing. Well, at least the beer is cold.
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