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James Niehues -- The Ski Map Artist

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Here's an interesting interview with the guy who draws most of the ski maps for North America.

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Interesting, James.
Inside the folds of that article I've found this:

Is that some kind of joke? OR were they being serious?
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It's a joke [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Wow, great link! Thanks.
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Wow, I've gotta admit I've been fascinated with trail maps since I was very young. I did a lot of drawing as a kid and my big project was developing a fictional ski resort. Drawing the trail maps was always my favorite part. I probably spent a good five years working on this!

To this day I still think trail maps are true works of art and I really admire Niehues' work. It was very interesting to learn his process for creating them!

Man am I a dork
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Boy, he's right about the new computer-generated vail map. It looks like cat barf:


[Edit]Compare it to this classic painting of Alta:


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Try this site to compare the old and new Vail maps....

Vail maps

It looks like they switched after the 99/00 season.

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I certainly dont know why they would change, the old map was a beautiful representation, but the new map is so bland and more cluttered than the trunk of my '84 lesabre. It's overwhelming to look at, I can't imagine trying to make heads or tails of it when on the snow!
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SnowJournal.com usually has some great articles and news. You should to visit it more often.

For this particular article the readers were asked to submit questions they wanted answered. I think that was a great idea, that way they got information they were interested in. You may also want to visit www.nelsap.org that site has a lot of information on ski areas that once existed in New England and is starting to add information on areas that existed in New York. Reader's input is always welcome at both sites.

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Reminds me of the genuis of Harry Beck, who created the original London underground map. Still the best tube map in the world. The same challenge of combining togological and topographical information.

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Great thing about this view of Vail's Back Bowls http://www.skimaps.com/resortlocator...ID=&MapID=1810

is that it looks exactly like that from Blue Sky Basin!

I agree, Vail should never have changed.
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