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Balance Boards

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I've been looking at the Skiers Edge machine for off season training, but they cost a fortune. Does anybody have any recommendations on balance boards. I've looked at the Indo boards and they look to be a good product, but don't know if it or a wobble board would be better for training.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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There's an earlier thread on balance boards you kind find, from roughly 2 weeks ago.

What are you trying to train with a Skier's Edge that you couldn't train with plyometrics, inline skating, or biking? For indoors, roller training on a bike is probably better for your balance, though also expensive.
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You've got a lot of options here, each of which is inexpensive. You can make your own balance boards. You can also use use 4, 5 or 6" PVC pipes, as explained in the book "Probotics." You can also buy Danskin inflatable balance disks, about 12 bucks each. You can also do the extensive single leg work in Michale Boyle's Functional Training for Sports. With each of these, I'd recommend what Boyle says, form and quality over quantity.
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Snomiser, I agree with Chopin on making your own homemade balance board. I use a length of PVC 6" pipe, about 18" long with a hunk of 2x12, probably 30" long or so. This works great. Mine could probably use a few strips of that non-slip stick-on stuff that is sold for safety on steps, but haven't gotten around to it yet. If you do it daily, its very satisfying how quick you get better at it.

Good luck,
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Snowmiser, I also made my own last year, seems to have worked. I also made a small version for one footed balance work, small wooden dowel instead of the pvc pipe. I did order a profitter the other day tho and am looking forward to it to add to the off season stuff.
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Thanks for all of your suggestions! I'll give the PVC pipes a try!

Have a great summer!

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Here's a thought. Try a BOSU, it stands for "Both Sides Up". It will provide better balance training than a balance board or most other less dynamic training devices. Go to Google and put in the initials BOSU and it will come to its site.

I blew out my left knee in March of 2005 and spent most of the last year training on this device. You can do core work outs or bounce dymanmically on it. I bounce to country music with a large mirror to see my body position in it. It will give you alot of dynamic balance training and it was designed by high end skiers, mogul specialists and racers.

It looks like 1/2 of a Swiss Ball with a hard disc on one side. You can either place it dome side up or disc side up to do a variety of workouts. I was able to bring my knee back by doing single leg squats to 90 degrees with it. If you place the dome side up you will work the ankle joint harder, since you never stop trying to balance. If you place the disc side up you will work the knee joint harder and balance is easier.

I do angulation bouncing, and others. I have found you can watch your upper body stay completely quiet if you're careful, like skiing with ski poles lying across your wrists while bouncing. I have actually found that I'm able to do 180 degree spins with the ski poles on my wrists and not lose them, while bouncing. Try it it's great fun and you can also run in place. I have actually had my heart rate to 154 bpm on this thing. It costs about $110-$135.
Best of luck with your training.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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