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Bode Miller AGAIN

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How does he do that? unreal!
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ryan -

That is a great website (eurosport.com)! I rooted around there for a bit, and took a look at the clip of Maier's fall in 1998 (training run, wasn't it?). It looks like the clip is being used in an ad spot for the Olympics. Anyway, it makes me realize just how much Maier will be missed next month!

Bode...it could be his year! Schlopy and Rahlves...ya' never know what either of them might pull off!
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Hey 2 Americans had a good day....

Koznick tied for first over on the womens side......
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Great to see, especially in an American Olympic year. Go Bode! Go Kristina!
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Serenity, If your refering to the 1998 Olympics at Nagano, the fall your refering to was in the Downhill proper. He then went on to win the super-g gold 3 days later...
He will (is) being missed.
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Bode Miller really deserves a LOT of recognition. The USA men's team hasn't seen these kinds of consistantly great results since the Mahre twins in the eighties.
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