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?Dédé Rhem killed

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Extreme Snowboard Pioneer Killed on Mont Blanc


Yet another of the great pioners is taken from us
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That's awful. I guess some would say he died doing something he loved, but it still sad when these things happen. God bless him and his loved ones.
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RIP Dede. The world needs more people who are willing to push the envelope, and show us what we can dream, we can do.
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Matteo, come sta?

'When, OTOH someone famous dies...'

Everyone is a bum until you get to know them a bit, then you probably give them the benefit of that doubt and perhaps even see their good points. Being famous is a shortcut into our confidence and thus the celebs bypass that bum stage and sneak into our living rooms and when they die we really feel we've lost someone, and certainly wouldn't speak ill of them. (snowboarders included).

Such dillusion is at least cheap and probably harmless.
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I'm sorry. A prayer for him.
But at the same time I cannot stop myself asking
why is it that when some unknown person dies under an avalanche, he's tagged as being a thrill seeker, someone who did not know what he was f-doing, someone who was endangearing others, someone to look upon with disdain.
When, OTOH someone famous dies, then it's a chorus of (read the piste hors referencies to the press):"He died doing something he loved, we shall miss him".
When coming from the printed press, I find this attitude particularly insulting.
The Mountain doesn't know if you're famous or not, if you have skied down that particular place 1000 times or a billion; just one mistake, and famous or not, the Mountain will claim your life.
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My thoughts exactly Matteo.
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daslider, sto bene, grazie [img]smile.gif[/img]
I was not talking about "us", the skier/borders, but how the press, and I should have specified the paper press, behaves every time an accident happens.
"The Killer Mountain" (Montagna Assassina)
is just one of the titles/sentences I've read over the years....
Yes, it's dangerous, but to criminalize the Mountain or someone who loves the place and accepts the risks, only because he/she is not a "famous" mountain man...
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I agree, the 'killer mountain' is merely metaphor, but I think the celeb who may have been equally reckless gets a sympathy vote as someone we pretend to have known. We are less sympathetic to the antics of strangers.

Was thinking of sneaking another Adamello trip but see Tonale has closed a week early although they had fresh snow last week, when they were only offering 4 lifts. Are all the Italians now going to the beach or is it just the luxury of having the glacier that allows Tonale to close before the snow actually goes? What a waste!
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Yes, people here are in "seaside" mode now.
I was in Madesimo last saturday, it was their fore-the-last day (Madesimo closed on april 25th)
And must say that, even though -on paper- snow was there, the quality was bad, there were probably 100 of skiers in thewole area...so, as it has been said, it is becoming economically un-convenient to keep open...
Was planning to go to Tonale myself mid may, hoping still to be able to ski down from the glacier to the village...but It seems to far in the season now. Oh well, next year.
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The Paradiso is still open today, but of course may not be next week - one of my favourites.
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